WSIB & Hearing Loss

WSIB provides injured workers a compensation on No Fault basis. This means that compensation is paid out no matter who is at fault of the injury to the worker.

House of Hearing Clinic is an authorized vendor under WSIB and is therefore eligible to provide hearing services to all clients with hearing aid benefits. We have an extensive history in working with such patients and are dedicated to provide top quality service. 

Because of our history in helping WSIB patients we have a great deal of knowledge in how the WSIB helps people with workplace injuries recover from injuries and gets people back to work in the shortest possible time. We are here to help you should you have any questions.

Do You Qualify?

Speak to The WSIB to determine whether you qualify for hearing aid coverage.

The WSIB may authorize the purchase of a hearing aid when:
• the worker has an allowed claim for work-related hearing loss, and
• it is prescribed by an audiologist or physician, and
• a hearing evaluation (i.e., audiogram) has been conducted which meets practice standards and contains findings that support the use of a hearing aid.

If you qualify, we can perform a free hearing evaluation to see which hearing aid is right for you. If you have any questions we are here to assist.

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