What is Tinnitus and how is it Treated?

Tinnitus occurs when a person hears sounds in one or both ears but for which there is no external source.  Tinnitus is often described as a high-pitched sound or ringing of the ears. Sound intensity can range from mild to extremely loud. Tinnitus may be present at all times or intermittently.

Tinnitus affects patients differently and is highly subjective. Tinnitus can significantly affect the quality of a person’s life.

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What treatments can help with Tinnitus?

  • The Zen program helps tinnitus sufferers relax and make tinnitus less noticeable. Widex developed the Zen program inspired by the relaxing effect of certain types of music.
  • Based on what is known as fractal technology, Zen plays random, chime-like tones that can be used for relaxation and for making tinnitus less noticeable.
  • Zen is available as a unique music program in Widex newer hearing aids.
  • With Widex’ new tinnitus management device, ZEN2GO, Zen is now available for anyone suffering from tinnitus.
  • Treating hearing loss involves fitting discreet modern hearing aids such as Phonak tinnitus-optimized models. Once set-up by our qualified hearing expert, these devices boost and clarify real-world sounds such as speech. This often reduces the perceived loudness of tinnitus, while at the same time helping you to hear and understand more.
  • In one survey of hearing care professionals, 60% said their tinnitus patients had gained tinnitus relief after using hearing aids. Another study of sufferers themselves found that 75% who wore hearing aids gained relief either ‘frequently’, ‘most’ or ‘all of the time’.
  • A nearly invisible in-ear device designed for all-day tinnitus relief
  • Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, which enables exceptional versatility in fine-tuning a relieving sound stimulus
  • Starkey Tinnitus Treatment Solutions create a customizable and comforting sound stimulus that you and your hearing professional can fine-tune to soothe the unique, irritating sounds you hear
  • Easy compatibility with most sound therapies, including retraining or masking

As hearing instruments can only amplify actual ambient noises, they are of little use as tinnitus therapy tools in very quiet hearing environments. This is when hearing instruments with a noiser function can be helpful. In these situations, the noiser can generate a soft noise to distract the patient from the tinnitus. Siemens hearing instruments have various hearing programs that can be selected at the touch of a button: purely hearing instrument function, purely noiser function, or a combination of the two.


Sound therapy means listening to sounds. It can be a helpful tool in managing your tinnitus. Sound cannot eliminate tinnitus. However, sound can make it seem like the tinnitus is eliminated or reduced. Sound can help you focus your attention on something more pleasant. By listening to different types of sound, it becomes easier to shift your attention away from the tinnitus sound. Together with your hearing professional, you can find the sound therapy, that gives you the most relief.

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