Custom Vs. Disposable Ear Plugs: What’s The Difference?

Custom Vs. Disposable Ear Plugs: What’s The Difference?

Repeated exposure to sounds above 85 decibels can lead to hearing loss. Because we are exposed to loud noises daily, it’s important to protect our ears, especially if we work in a field where sounds over 85 decibels are constant (musician, construction worker, manufacturer, assembly line worker, etc.). To protect our ears and limit the volume of the sounds around us, ear plugs should be worn. There are two types of ear plugs on the market: custom and disposable. Custom [...]

Girl Happy with Hearing Aids Doll

Doll With Hearing Aids Makes Deaf Girl’s Day

At two-years-old, Abbi Keating, from New South Wales, Australia, lost her hearing. The hearing loss was sudden and unexpected. Her family sprung into action and got her into a hearing specialist, who fitted her with hearing aids and gave Abbi cochlear implants. These implants have been groundbreaking for dealing with hearing loss, since the device can take over the function of the eardrum. Soon after receiving the implants, Abbi was not only able to hear, but she was also talking. [...]

Hearing Loss And Dementia

Hearing Loss May Be A Risk Factor For Dementia

Take a look at the relationship between hearing loss and dementia and how hearing loss can increase your risk of dementia. Hearing Loss May Be A Risk Factor For Dementia There are many studies that suggest a correlation between hearing loss and dementia. One study found, for example, that people with age-related hearing loss were twice as likely to suffer from cognitive impairment and 2.4 times more likely to suffer from dementia. The problem is that the correlation requires more study. One [...]

American Hearing Loss And Noise

One in Four Americans Have Hearing Loss Due to Noise

A quarter of Americans have hearing loss due to noise. It’s shocking, but true. What’s even more startling about this is that the study showed that three-quarters of those affected thought their hearing was fine. While hearing loss is often blamed on aging, another survey found that 24 per cent of hearing loss is actually due to loud workplaces. What’s important about this survey is that it found that even those who didn’t work in loud work environments were [...]

Deaf Baby Gets Hearing Aid

Baby Gets Hearing Aid And Hears Mom Say “I Love You” For The First Time

Mommy blogger Chrisy Keane shared a video of her daughter listening to her say “I love you” for the first time. Keane’s daughter was born with bilateral congenital hearing loss.. Keane’s daughter was fit with hearing aids; while they didn’t help her hear then, they jolted her brain and auditory nerve to the vibrations until she could undergo surgery for cochlear implants. The video has been viewed 200,000 times. We won’t spoil it for you, but the baby girl gets [...]

Stages Of Hearing Loss

What Are The Stages Of Hearing Loss?

There are not necessarily stages of hearing loss. When we talk about the stages of hearing loss, it is often in the context of the different emotional stages that people may go through when coping with this life changing experience. Emotional Stages of Hearing Loss When it comes to more emotional stages of hearing loss, the topic is often discussed in the content of the stages of emotions of those are who are dying as originally described by Kubler Ross. Just as [...]

Hearing Protection Importance With Tool Work

The Importance Of Wearing Hearing Protection When Working With Tools

There are many different environments where the noise level can put your hearing at risk. Working with certain tools is one such example, especially if you are working with power tools every single day. The Risks If your workplace is subjected sound that is above 85 decibels, it is critical to be wearing some sort of protective hearing device, such as custom ear plugs. Those who work with tools and different machines, such as construction workers, or those who work with [...]

First Time Hearing Aid User Tips

4 Tips For First Time Hearing Aid Users

Assistive hearing devices, like hearing aids, can take a bit of time to adjust to. Here are some tips. Start Slowly When you wear a hearing aid for the first time, you will, of course, be hearing sounds a lot more than ever before. In fact, it is entirely normal to be unable to distinguish sounds or even to be overwhelmed by all of the noises.For this reason, it is often advised to take the adjustment slowly. Start by wearing your [...]

Scuba Diving And Ear Pressure

Scuba Diving And Its Effects On Ear Pressure

Interestingly enough, the most common scuba diving injury is not decompression – it’s actually ear barotraumas. This refers to injuries that occur because of changes in ear pressure. Baro, means pressure + trauma = injury. Scuba Diving And Its Effects On Ear Pressure An ear barotrauma occurs when a diver has failed to equalize the ear pressure in the ears with the pressure of the water. This could occur for a variety of reasons, but a couple of common reasons include improper [...]

Mobile Apps For The Hearing Impaired

Helpful Mobile Apps For The Hearing Impaired

Advancements in technology only continue to make the lives of the hearing impaired easier and easier. With that in mind, here is a list of helpful mobile apps for both Android and iPhone users alike. TextHear Personal Hearing AidOne of the highest-rated Android mobile apps for the hearing impaired is TextHear Personal Hearing Aid. It is meant to help those with hearing difficulties in everyday conversations by instantly translating natural speech to text. It works in real-time and is available in a [...]