How A Fly Is Being Used To Develop Hearing Aids

How A Fly Is Being Used To Develop Hearing Aids

Flies are often thought of as a nuisance with their incessant buzzing. However, they’re actually being used to develop hearing aids. The Ormia ochracea fly has become a favourite of scientists because this tiny insect can tell where a sound is coming from even though it hears the sound at the same time in both ears. By studying this fly species, scientists are working on new technology to develop hearing aids that don’t only amplify sound but also help [...]

Custom Vs. Disposable Ear Plugs: What’s The Difference?

Custom Vs. Disposable Ear Plugs: What’s The Difference?

Repeated exposure to sounds above 85 decibels can lead to hearing loss. Because we are exposed to loud noises daily, it’s important to protect our ears, especially if we work in a field where sounds over 85 decibels are constant (musician, construction worker, manufacturer, assembly line worker, etc.). To protect our ears and limit the volume of the sounds around us, ear plugs should be worn. There are two types of ear plugs on the market: custom and disposable. [...]

How A Hearing Test Is Performed

How A Hearing Test Is Performed

An audiometric test, also known as a hearing test, is an ear exam administered by a hearing professional done to determine a person’s ability to hear by measuring how well sound reaches the brain. How do we hear? When we hear sounds they begin as vibrations in the air. These vibrations create sound waves that vibrate at a certain frequency and amplitude that affects the pitch and volume of the sound itself. When the sound waves travel into the ear, [...]

Which Jobs Can You Do With Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss should not limit your career options. Whether you are young and looking to embark on your first work experience or seeking a change of scenery from your current employment, there are many jobs you can do with hearing loss. As with any job, training and specific education are required. Depending on the type of career you’re looking for, you may need to take on additional schooling at a university or college, or attend a trade school to [...]

Symptoms Of Tinnitus

10 Symptoms Of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition that affects the inner ears. It manifests itself through noises or ringing in the ears when there are no external noises present. Tinnitus is not a disease but part of a larger fault in the hearing system. This condition involves hearing phantom noises in your ears and has 10 distinct symptoms: Ringing Dinging Roaring Booming Buzzing Humming Hissing Whistling Clicking Snapping How long do the symptoms of tinnitus last? Depending on the individuals afflicted with tinnitus, the symptoms can last intermittently or continuously. Most people report that [...]

Different Types Of Hearing Aids

All About The Different Types Of Hearing Aids

If you or a loved one are in the market for hearing aids, you may feel overwhelmed because there is no one-size-fits-all option. Although the technology may be the similar in each type of hearing aid, there is a difference in where the device sits in or on the ear. Below you’ll find a guide to the different types of hearing aids to help you make a decision on which one is right for you. Invisible-In-The-Canal (ICC) ICC hearing aids [...]

Workers Compensation

The Ontario government is slashing healthcare

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board is cutting choices for quality care. Ontarians are sick of cuts. WSIB is hurting hard-working Ontarians when help is needed the most. It’s wrong. Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board delivers services and benefits for injured workers. Part of that role is supporting Ontarians who have lost their hearing at work. But WSIB is slashing their support – cutting the choices available to those who need it. Right when these Ontarians need help the [...]

Emotional Benefits Of Hearing Aids

Five Emotional Benefits Of Hearing Aids

A 2016 Harvard Health Publication blog highlights a staggering fact: Most people wait 10 years before acknowledging a hearing problem. There are many reasons why someone would wait before getting a hearing aid. For some, it’s denial. For others, hearing loss is so gradual that they just assume it isn’t a big deal. When hearing loss is left untreated, there are emotional consequences. Many people do not see the emotional benefits of hearing aids because they simply don’t know [...]

Gene therapy –why it’s such a challenge

The exciting recent developments in gene therapy and cochlear implants give us enormous hope that a full cure for many types of deafness may be found in the future but in many ways we’re really only at the beginning of that journey. In reality, science’s knowledge and understanding of the molecular biology involved in hearing is only in its infancy compared to the other senses. For many afflicted with hearing loss it’s tempting at times to feel impatient at the [...]

Cochlear implants to help regrow auditory nerves

Modern medical technology often achieves stunning results when it works with the body to promote the body’s own healing process. The potential of cochlear implants to restore hearing through gene therapy is an exciting example of this beneficial marriage between science and nature. Cochlear implants do an amazing job of restoring hearing for many people but they have their limitations. Cochlear implants work well for speech but don’t cope so well with music for example. The success of cochlear implants [...]