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Mobile Apps For The Hearing Impaired

Helpful Mobile Apps For The Hearing Impaired

Advancements in technology only continue to make the lives of the hearing impaired easier and easier. With that in mind, here is a list of helpful mobile apps for both Android and iPhone users alike. TextHear Personal Hearing Aid One of the highest-rated Android mobile apps for the hearing impaired is TextHear Personal Hearing Aid. It is meant to help those with hearing difficulties in everyday conversations by instantly translating natural speech to text. It works in real-time and is available in a [...]

Hearing Test Frequency

How Often Should You Have A Hearing Test?

While annual physicals are common for most of us, most people tend to overlook a hearing test. How often should you have a hearing test? Take a look at the answer below. How Often Should You Have a Hearing Test? AdultsIf your ears seem fine, and you’re not having a hard time hearing, adults should have a hearing test roughly every 10 years, beginning at the age of 21. This is more of a baseline test or a “screening,” which your doctor will [...]

The Dangers Of Q-Tips

The Damaging Effects Of Using Q-Tips To Clean Your Ears

The majority of people buy Q-tips to clean their ears even though that was never their intended purpose. In fact, using a Q-tip to clean your ears is one of the most harmful things you can do. (Q-tips were originally made to apply various products to babies’ skin). In any case, Q-tips seem relatively innocuous on the surface, but using them to clean your ears can be very harmful. In fact, even the Q-tip brand itself advises against using their product to [...]

Winter Ear Protection Tips

4 Tips For Ear Protection During Harsh Winters

The winter season can impact your ears and your hearing in a lot of different ways. Here are four tips to protect your ears this winter. Protect Your Ears From the Cold with Earmuffs Extreme weather conditions can lead to a condition called exostosis, which results in bony growths on the bone surrounding the ear canal. The problem is that the risk of infection increases due to the fact that the ear canal becomes blocked. Those who spend a lot of time [...]

When To See An Audiologist

When To See An Audiologist

If you are experiencing hearing loss, you may be wondering when if you should see a licensed audiologist. In the event that your GP hasn’t yet recommended that you visit a specialist, here are some signs that you it might be something you should look into further. Keep in mind that ignoring hearing loss can be very dangerous to your health. When To See A Licensed Audiologist Most people tend to visit the audiologist when they have experienced a degree of hearing [...]

Newborn Hearing Tests

How Is A Hearing Test Conducted On A New Born?

Before any newborn leaves the hospital, he or she will have an ear hearing test. This is also sometimes referred to as a hearing screening. Without such a test, it’s difficult to detect hearing loss in a newborn, even for parents. If hearing loss goes undetected, children can have trouble learning how to speak and experience difficulties with general language development. Many parents believe that they would be able to identify hearing loss in their baby; however, this is not typically [...]

Hearing Aid Styles

2 Types of Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aid styles have evolved a lot in recent years given both medical and technological advancements. There are now completely invisible hearing aids that fit inside the hearing canal and are completely hidden from sight. One thing is true: studies show that hearing aids improve your quality of life and emotional well-being as well. If you are considering hearing aids, you may be wondering what styles are available to you. This blog post will go into more detail below. Hearing Aid [...]

Ear Wax Formation

How Ear Wax Forms

Ear wax, also called cerumen, is a waxy oil that is produced by the ear canal. This blog post will take a look at how this curious substance forms. How Ear Wax Forms Why does ear wax even form in the first place? The ear canal produces earwax as a cleaning mechanism. Ear wax is designed to protect your ears from dust, foreign particles, and other similar entities from entering your ear. Ear wax also performs several other important functions as well, including [...]

girl surprised

Sudden hearing loss—what you need to know & what to do

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) or sudden hearing loss is dramatic, occurring either instantly or over a 72 hour period. The term SSHL refers to the sudden and significant loss of 30 decibels or more of hearing.  A loss of thirty decibels is the equivalent of your normal television volume level suddenly becoming a whisper, and difficulties understanding normal conversation or using the telephone may be the first indication that something is wrong. Go to the Sudden Hearing Loss page to [...]

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