Ways To Protect Your Ears As A Music Lover

How To Protect Your Ears As A Music Lover

Ever wondered how DJs and musicians don’t suffer permanent hearing loss after performing in such close proximity to speakers at full blast for hours? It would be a cruel irony if they were unable to listen to the music that they love so much. There have been reports in the media of some professional musicians suffering hearing loss and tinnitus, but most of them find ways to prevent severe damage. Similarly, concert attendees are at risk of noise-induced hearing [...]

Wireless Hearable Personalisation

The World’s First Custom Made Wireless Hearable

The partnership between Bragi, a Munich-based startup, and Starkey Hearing Technologies has led to the release of a new updated Dash called the Dash Pro. This new model is the world’s first wireless hearable that can be custom-fit for each user, allowing for superior sound and comfort. Joint Release Between a Hearing Aid Brand and a True Hearable Bragi introduced itself to the public through their Kickstarter campaign for the Dash, “The World’s First Hearable.” Thanks to their relationship [...]

Benefits Of Custom Ear Plugs

The Benefits Of Custom Ear Plugs For Light Sleepers

Many light sleepers have trouble getting enough rest at night, especially if they live near a busy street, have noisy neighbours, or share the room with a partner who snores. Failure to get enough sleep and rest can affect your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Fortunately, there are a few cost effective ways to create a quiet and relaxing sleeping environment, such as using custom ear plugs. With new technologies for hearing devices, it is now possible to block or [...]

Do Your Ears Hear Differently

Do Your Ears Hear Differently?

When it comes to our ears, they may look the same on the outside but inside, they’re vastly different. Sure, their make-up is the same but sounds are processed differently in our right and left ears. Right vs. left: Which ear does what? Our brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic while the right hemisphere is all about aesthetics. The left side of our brain allows us to be technical, reasonable and logical. The right [...]

Effects Of Untreated Hearing Loss In Adults

Seven Effects Of Untreated Hearing Loss In Adults

Hearing loss is a common problem for adults. However, the majority of people let it go untreated, creating several problems. When hearing loss is left untreated it can lead to specific side effects. These side effects reduce your quality of life and create cognitive issues that could’ve been avoided if the hearing loss was addressed. The following are seven side effects that occur due to untreated hearing loss: Depression: When we can’t hear we tend to isolate ourselves to avoid [...]

The Relationship Between Better Sleep And Hearing

The Relationship Between Better Sleep And Hearing

Sleep is something we can never seem to get enough of. When we don’t sleep we’re tired, emotionally drained and have trouble concentrating. Besides those aforementioned side-effects from lack of sleep, our hearing can also suffer. What is the relationship between better sleep and hearing? When we lose sleep, especially more than two nights worth, our blood vessels have trouble functioning as they should. Our blood vessels help with circulation and when our circulation is poor, blood flow slows down, [...]

Can Earwax Removal Improve Hearing

Can Earwax Removal Improve Hearing?

Earwax is essential. However, it can be burdensome when we have too much of it. When we have too much earwax, we can experience mild hearing loss, as the wax blocks sound and noise as it enters the ear. When we don’t have enough earwax to protect us from airborne or touch-transferred bacteria and fungi, we are at risk for infection. Earwax is created by the wax glands found in the external ear canal and acts as a barrier [...]

Can Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance?

Can Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance?

Everything in our bodies are connected. The failure of one organ can lead to another. Does that mean that hearing loss can affect your balance? What is the balance system? The balance system has three components. The inner ear sends a signal to your brain giving it coordinates about the direction and speed your head is moving. This is done through the semicircular canals in the inner ear. The inner ear also sends a signal to your brain through the [...]

How A Fly Is Being Used To Develop Hearing Aids

How A Fly Is Being Used To Develop Hearing Aids

Flies are often thought of as a nuisance with their incessant buzzing. However, they’re actually being used to develop hearing aids. The Ormia ochracea fly has become a favourite of scientists because this tiny insect can tell where a sound is coming from even though it hears the sound at the same time in both ears. By studying this fly species, scientists are working on new technology to develop hearing aids that don’t only amplify sound but also help [...]

Custom Vs. Disposable Ear Plugs: What’s The Difference?

Custom Vs. Disposable Ear Plugs: What’s The Difference?

Repeated exposure to sounds above 85 decibels can lead to hearing loss. Because we are exposed to loud noises daily, it’s important to protect our ears, especially if we work in a field where sounds over 85 decibels are constant (musician, construction worker, manufacturer, assembly line worker, etc.). To protect our ears and limit the volume of the sounds around us, ear plugs should be worn. There are two types of ear plugs on the market: custom and disposable. [...]