Tinnitus—there is help despite what the doctors say

Tinnitus has been making a lot of noise lately, in the news as well as in the ears of at least 15% of Canadians. Most doctors tell tinnitus sufferers that there’s no cure and no help; you just have to live with the problem. But there is real help for tinnitus sufferers despite what the doctors say. The news that tinnitus has had a severe impact on many famous musicians has brought tinnitus more into the public awareness. A 2017 [...]

Why you need earplugs if you have a hole in your ear

Many people ask if earplugs are necessary for swimming if they have tubes or a hole in the ear drum. The reality is any hole in the ear drum can potentially allow water into the middle ear where water-borne microbes may cause infections. If your child has had tubes (tympanostomy tubes or grommets) inserted to give relief from frequent ear infections then it makes sense to avoid any additional risk of further ear infections when swimming. This is true [...]

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Hearing aids are an investment in the improvement of your quality of life.  Research has shown the many dangers of ignoring hearing loss. When we prescribe a hearing aid and style, we take into account many factors such as:Lifestyle needs Occupation Cosmetic concerns Budget and price Family/friends concernsAfter having evaluated and addressed all of the above factors, our hearing professionals will prescribe a recommended hearing solution. Learn more about how much exactly a hearing aid can cost. 

How does hearing loss affect your health?

Hearing loss can affect your health in many ways including your mental and emotional well-being and your physical health. Studies show that hearing loss in some cases may also indicate other very serious underlying health issues such as diabetes and cardiac disease. The research also suggests that allowing hearing loss to go untreated can significantly increase many of these impacts on your overall health. How does hearing loss affect your mental health? Hearing loss makes it hard to communicate and this [...]

Why do I have a hard time hearing in noisy situations?

If you have a hard time hearing in noisy situations you’re not alone nor is it surprising. We live in an increasingly noisy world. Noise levels in workplaces as well as restaurants, bars, concerts and even shops can reach dangerous levels. For example, studies show that noise levels in some New York bars regularly reach 100 dB and that the average sound level in Toronto nightclubs hits 96dB–well over the safe limit for unprotected noise exposure. And for those [...]

What’s the relationship between hearing loss and tinnitus?

Have you ever wondered what the connection is between hearing loss and tinnitus? The reality is those whistling, humming noises known as tinnitus are more closely related to hearing damage and hearing loss than you might think. Studies have shown that as many as 72% of tinnitus sufferers also experience hearing loss. Research into the exact nature of the connection between hearing loss and tinnitus is still in its infancy but if you’re experiencing tinnitus there’s a pretty good chance [...]

casues of hearing loss in one ear

Causes of hearing loss in one ear

Causes of hearing loss in one ear Hearing loss in one ear can be both sudden and dramatic. Losing your hearing in one ear is also serious and potentially permanent. So, what can cause hearing loss in one ear? There are a wide range of factors that can cause deafness in one ear (unilateral hearing loss) including:SSHL– Sudden sensorineural hearing loss Infections and autoimmune diseases Head injuries Ménière’s disease Ototoxic drugs StrokesOther causes may include a build-up of earwax or swimmers ear (ear infection). But [...]

Maryam at CBC

House of Hearing’s Maryam on Global News

Our very own chief Audiologist Maryam Ghaderi was interviewed this week by Global News on the topic of earwax and hearing loss. In this article Maryam helps the reader understand the health effects of excessive earwax buildup. Here is the Article. In the Article, Maryam Ghaderi talks about the dangers of loud noises in our everyday environments and how they may lead to hearing loss. She then goes on to talk about the importance of protecting our hearing, in part by wearing [...]

How hearing aids can improve your quality of life

How hearing aids improve your quality of life Hearing aids improve quality of life by a number of means which we will discuss here. Hearing loss can have a serious impact on your daily life. Fortunately, wearing hearing aids can vastly improve your quality of life and make everyday interactions so much easier and more enjoyable. hearing aids can improve all aspects of your life including:Communication and relationships Mental and emotional well-being Physical health Social life Earning capacity.Let’s explore in more [...]