Why You Shouldn’t Do Ear Candling

Ear candling has been around for a long time yet very few people consider the dangerous risks of this ancient practice.

The candles are typically made of paraffin, bee or soy wax and are approximately one foot in length and the popular claim is that heat from the candle causes a vacuum which results in the earwax being sucked out from the ear-canal.

However, according to the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) there exists no scientific evidence to support the claim that earwax candling is effective in removing earwax. This procedure may actually be counterproductive as debris from the candle may fall into a persons ear. In their research, the AAA concluded that “Ear candling is dangerous and serves no legitimate purpose and there is no scientific evidence showing effectiveness for use.”

Why You Shouldn't Do Ear Candling

Safe & Effective Methods

Effective methods for earwax removal include ear-irrigation in which a specially designed syringe is used to flush out earwax, or the application of earwax softening oil such as cerumol. Both methods can be effective and safe. The recommended method will depend on the severity and type of earwax buildup.  

House of Hearing practices safe earwax removal and our clinicians are trained and certified in the procedure. With the help of our digital otoscope we can show you the degree of earwax buildup and make the appropriate recommendation. It is important to know that some earwax in your ears is completely normal and part of the body’s natural defence mechanism. To book your no-cost and no-obligation consultation please contact your nearest clinic.

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