Unitron Hearing Aids in Canada

Unitron was founded in 1954, and is currently headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. Unitron is a division of Sonova Holding Group. It has 20 international offices for serving local markets and has the support of 50 international partners.

Unitron is built on strong, personal relationships with hearing care professionals and products that make a real difference in the lives of people with hearing loss. Unitron has a proven track record of developing technological innovations that provide natural sound with exceptional speech understanding, and a relentless drive to deliver an exceptional customer experience.



Don’t be fooled by Moxi’s tiny size. Its advanced technologies work together to highlight the quality sounds in your life. Voices. Conversations. Laughter. Music.

Moxi brings back the sounds you’ve been missing, and eliminates distracting or unnecessary background noise. Automatically. Naturally. In any setting.

Enjoy uncomplicated access to the wireless technology that is built into many devices: Cell phones, wireless TV listening, MP3 players and FM systems.

Moxi wearers enjoy the best array of phone solutions –easy, automatic and discreet.

Moxi Kiss

Enjoy natural sound and clear speech understanding in any situation. Moxi Kiss pulls speech out of noise and then eliminates the distracting background sounds you don’t need to hear. Plus, your hearing aids work together to zone in on speech in the most difficult listening situations.

Moxi Kiss is fully automatic. This means that your hearing aids are always working intuitively in the background to make sure you hear your best. Moxi Kiss also makes using the phone enjoyable again by letting you hear the caller’s voice clearly in both ears.

Moxi Kiss has all the features you need to automatically experience high-fidelity listening, just the way nature intended.


Latitude offers hearing instruments that fit your unique hearing loss, preferences and lifestyle. With easy-to-wear styles and advanced technology that provides more effective listening in any situation, Latitude gives you the freedom to choose the hearing instruments that suit you best

• Innovative technologies at every level – three flexible product lines offering a broad range of technology: Latitude 16, Latitude 8, Latitude 4

• Features that work for you – enjoy industry first features, including wireless in each product line, with many technologies typically only found in premium hearing instruments

• Flexible styles – easily match your hearing instrument to your lifestyle

Latitude’s incomparable combination of fully automatic and optional control means you experience clearer, more engaging communication. Automatic performance is enhanced with the intelligence of smartFocus , constantly adjusting to provide the best speech clarity and listening comfort, even when background noise is high.