AMP from Starkey: The hearing aid for who are not ready for hearing aids

You may be having trouble hearing what people are saying – or are starting to miss out on sounds you once heard – but you’re not sure you’re ready to wear a hearing aid yet, especially one that people can see.

That’s what makes you ready to AMP.

New AMP fits snugly in your ear canal, so no one but you will know it’s there. It’s comfortable, removable, and ready to wear in a single visit to your hearing professional. Better yet, AMP’s small size and ear canal placement take advantage of your ear’s natural acoustics for a sound quality you need to hear to believe.

Amp Hearing Aid
amp hearing aid components

Starkey AMP Components

The AMP hearing system controls include:

1. Microphone opening
2. Sound outlet (receiver)
3. Battery compartment (on/off control)
4. Removal handle
5. Location of serial number
6. Sleeve
7. AMP wand

a) Power on/off and volume control
b) Optional battery removal tool

Your hearing system can be identified by the R or L on the device

Starkey AMP Instructions for use

Your hearing system uses a battery as its power source. This battery size can be identified by the yellow (10) color code on the packaging.

To insert or replace the battery:
1. Remove the clear sleeve.
2. Remove old battery using the battery removal tool side of the AMP wand or simply push the battery out from the side with your fingers.
3. Remove the tab from the new battery.
4. Line up the battery’s “+” sign (flat side of the battery) with the “+” on the case above the product name.
5. Insert AMP into clear sleeve.

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