Pre-Employment Hearing Test & Report

Some employers may require new recruits to conduct a hearing test prior to start of employment. The hearing test ensures that the new worker meets specific safety requirements for the workplace, and it helps establish a baseline hearing measurement. The hearing test also helps determine the existence of any hearing loss prior to employment.

Occupations which have required hearing tests prior to start of employment include Aviation (Airline Pilots), Police Officers (Law Enforcement), Firefighter, Merchant Seaman, Truck and Bus Drivers, & RCMP.

House of Hearing Clinic offers pre-employment hearing tests and report writing for all interested parties. To learn more please contact the nearest clinic.

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Pre-Employment Hearing Test & Report

OACP Hearing Test

OACP Hearing Test

Please Read The Following If You Are Applying To Become A Police Officer In Ontario

The OACP have updated their requirements as of 2021, please read the following carefully if you are applying to the Ontario Association Chiefs of Police. 

The new requirements state that candidates whose test results exceed the maximum threshold of 25dB for pure tone audiometry must conduct HINT/Quick SIN tests. 

House of Hearing currently does not offer HINT/Quick SIN tests. 

If you are aware of having any degree of hearing loss, and require the HINT/Quick SIN test unfortunately we are not able to assist you with your application. 

If you believe you have normal hearing we are more than happy to assist you with your application.

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