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The connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline

There are very clear links between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Hearing loss also increases your likelihood of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Scientists are still not sure about how this connection works but a large number of studies support this conclusion.

Cognitive decline is where a person’s memory and thinking skills deteriorate.  A certain degree of brain shrinkage appears to be a normal part of the aging process but there are a range of conditions and lifestyle choices that may contribute to cognitive decline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have questions about hearing aids, hearing loss, ear wax removal or tinnitus, this section is designed to answer your most commonly asked questions in effective short answers. Read this section to learn more.

WSIB – Workers Compensation

If you have a history of working in a noisy environment and may have suffered noise induced hearing loss, you may be eligible for hearing aid coverage through the Workers Compensation Board. There are strict criteria for qualification, and here we direct you to the appropriate resources and try to provide as much information as possible. Read on to learn more.

Information For Physicians

Family physicians are usually the first point of contact for persons with hearing loss. With a clinic in Mackenzie Health Hospital, our approach to hearing is primarily diagnostic in nature.

For physicians that would like to receive more information about hearing aids, hearing loss, tinnitus or custom ear plugs, this section is for you. Here you can request a complete referral package for your medical clinic.

Brain Hearing Technology

We do not hear with our ears but with our brain. Here we discuss how technology can help your brain hear more naturally and new hearing aid technology from Oticon on their Opn platform.

All About Hearing Loss

We do not hear with our ears but with our brain. Here we discuss how technology can help your brain hear more naturally and new hearing aid technology from Oticon on their Opn platform.Signs of Hearing Loss

Dangers of Ear Candling

Ear candling is not a recommended method for ear wax removal and can cause serious harm. Learn why ear candling is not recommended by professionals and should be avoided by all people. We also discuss safe and effective methods for ear wax removal.

Types & Sizes Of Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids come in various sizes and so do hearing aid batteries. Learn more about each type of battery and the pros and cons.

Hearing Aid Brands and Prices

Hearing aids come in four different levels: Premium, Advanced, Standard, and Basic. Prices depend primarily on the level of hearing aids you decide to purchase. Learn more about prices and brands here.

Hearing Aid Types

Hearing aids come in different styles and shapes. Your hearing professional will recommend the best style to meet your specific needs. Learn more about hearing aid styles here.

How-to Videos

Watch our videos showing you how to maintain your hearing aids including replacing filters, batteries and cleaning your hearing aids.

Ontario Disability Support Program

House of Hearing is an authorized vendor under the ODSP benefit program, meaning if you have ODSP coverage you may receive your hearing aids and hearing aid service from one of our many locations.

Invisible Hearing Aids

With the advancement of hearing technology, invisible hearing aids are becoming increasingly popular. Although not yet at the technical capabilities of larger devices, these tiny devices are effective in helping users overcome mild to moderate hearing loss.

Do I need a referral for a hearing test?

At House of Hearing you are not required to have a doctor’s referral to be seen by one of our hearing professionals. We are happy to conduct the hearing test and explain the results to you.

Return and Refund Policies

All items sold on this website have a 30 day return policy starting from the day you receive the item. Return shipping costs are to be paid by buyer. All returns must come in original packaging and include all items shipped to the buyer.

Hearing Test For Children

Are you curious about your child’s hearing? Or have you been recommended by a teacher or physician to have a hearing test done for your child? Then House of Hearing can help. We provide hearing tests for children as young as 1 years old.

Hearing Aids For Children

Oftentimes the parents or teachers at school may notice that the child is not responding when called to, is not articulating certain speech sounds properly, or has a language development delay. In these cases a hearing test can clarify whether the hearing loss is impacting their ability to hear speech.

House of Hearing has experience and knowledge in prescribing, fitting and providing follow-up care for children in need of hearing amplification.