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  • GN ReSound RIC Hearing Aid Receiver Wires Surefit

    USD $39.00

    Surefit 2 Receiver replacement for ReSound Hearing aids, including LiNX 2D, LiNX 3D, and Quattro.

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  • HF4 Wax Guard Hearing Aid Wax Filter

    USD $6.00

    These come in wheels of 15 pieces of wax filters per order. These are for Siemens, Signia or Resound hearing aids. Comes with insertion/removal tool.

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  • Sale!

    Resound LiNX Hearing Aid Domes

    USD $8.00

    These domes will fit all Resound LiNX hearing aids, including 2D, 3D, and Quattro.

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  • Resound Multi Mic – Hearing Aid Microphone

    USD $275.00

    Following a conversation between people at the dinner table, in a business meeting or at a presentation in an auditorium can be tough if you have hearing loss. All those voices seem to blend together. The ReSound Multi Mic enhances your hearing and extends your listening range.

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  • Resound Phone Clip +

    USD $239.00

    Stream calls, music and directions from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to your ReSound hearing aids with the ReSound Phone Clip+.

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  • ReSound TV Streamer 2

    USD $299.00

    Transform your hearing aids into wireless headphones. International version, compatible with US, Canada and European Resound smart hearing aids. Also compatible with some COSTCO Kirkland hearing aids. Contact us if you are not sure of compatibility.

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