Hearing Test For Adults & Children

At House of Hearing you will receive a comprehensive hearing test so that you have a complete understanding of your hearing thresholds.

Why should I have my hearing tested?

Hearing tests are conducted for different reasons during childhood and adulthood.

The first months and years of a baby’s life are important for speech and language development. Undetected hearing loss can lead to serious cognitive issues if not addressed early. Newborns are encouraged to undergo a hearing screening which is offered at no cost to Toronto residents.

Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent in children. A hearing test can help detect any abnormalities in a child’s hearing and help the parents, physicians, and audiologists address this issue.

Hearing loss due to noise exposure is common to musicians, construction workers, or anyone exposed to loud noise for long periods of time. A hearing test can help detect any deterioration in hearing for these people.

Hearing loss due to aging, know as presbycusis, is extremely common and can lead to many social and psychological issues. Having one’s hearing tested will help diagnose this type of hearing loss.

How long is a hearing test & what is involved?

A typical hearing test for an adult takes approximately 25 minutes and 35 minutes for a child.

A standard hearing test consists of three components, a pure tone audiogram, a speech discrimination test, and a tympanometric assessment.

During pure tone testing, the clinicians will present a pure tone stimulus at different intensities to measure the faintest sound a person can detect. This is charted out across a number of frequencies. The resulting graph is referred to an audiogram. Learn how to interpret an audiogram.

The speech discrimination test assesses how well a person understands words. For this test the clinician will present words at different decibel levels and then ask the person being tested to repeat the words. A percentage score is given, anything above 90% is considered excellent.

A tympanometric assessment measures the volume of your middle ear and the mobility of your ear-drum. A flat tympanometric result can signify a punctured ear-drum, or fluid build-up behind the ear-drum.

Who can have their hearing tested?

House of Hearing provides hearing tests for both adults and children.

Adults (19 years and above) are offered one hearing test at no charge on their first visit. Should you however require a written report, the fee is $75.

For clients 18 years and younger, the hearing test costs $95 and a written report is included. Hearing test for children aged 10 and younger is only available at select clinics. Please call (416) 516 3332 to find out more.

Our hearing test lets you quickly learn more about your hearing. If you are affected by hearing loss, our hearing professionals will make sure you have a solution to improve your hearing for a better quality of life.

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Accurate and complete assessment of your hearing is what we specialize in. Come in for a full battery of hearing tests including audiometry, tympanometry, OAE, otoscopy, and ABR. 
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