Hearing Aids For Children

Pediatric Audiology Is Available At House Of Hearing

Approximately 5 out of every 1,000 children are born with some form of hearing loss. Early detection and intervention is critical.

In the first few years of life, hearing is a critical part of children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Even a mild or partial hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop speech and language properly.

Detecting a hearing loss early on gives the child a chance for treatment, whether it be medical, surgical or through amplification.

Oftentimes the parents or teachers at school may notice that the child is not responding when called to, is not articulating certain speech sounds properly, or has a language development delay. In these cases a hearing test can clarify whether the hearing loss is impacting their ability to hear speech.

House of Hearing has experience and knowledge in prescribing, fitting and providing follow-up care for children in need of hearing amplification.

Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing loss in children can be permanent or temporary. Permanent hearing loss can occur if the child:

  • was born prematurely
  • was in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • had newborn jaundice
  • was given medications that can lead to hearing loss
  • has family members with childhood hearing loss
  • had complications at birth
  • had many ear infections
  • had meningitis 
  • was exposed to very loud sounds or noises, even briefly

Newborn hearing screenings are often conducted in most Canadian hospitals 1-2 days after the baby is born. This screening only indicates if the child passes or fails the test. And if the child fails the screening test then they will be sent for followup testing.

House of Hearing does not provide new born hearing screening services. We do however provide hearing testing for children as young as one year old, and also prescribe and fit children with hearing aids. 

First Step: Hearing Test

The first step to a successful outcome is to have your child’s hearing tested. The results of the hearing test will help all parties involved gain a better understanding of the severity and type of hearing loss. If your child’s hearing loss is temporary due to an ear infection or middle-ear fluid buildup, we recommend you immediately seek medical attention.

Hearing test for children can be different than for adults, it all depends on the age of the child and how easily he or she understands instructions. Test battery typically include a combination of free-field audiometry, play audiometry, tympanometric assessment, and OAE screener.

To find out which clinics currently offer Pediatric Hearing Testing, please call us at 416 516 3332.

Step Two: Hearing Aid Prescription

Based on the type and degree of hearing loss, the hearing professional will prescribe a hearing device that meets your child’s needs. Hearing aids for children are different than those fitted to adults mostly in the way they are programmed. It is therefore important that you receive professional advice as to which hearing aid will benefit your child the most.

Hearing aids for children are also more durable, and they always include FM system compatibility, the latter of which will be useful when your child attends school.

Step Three: Hearing Aid Fitting

When your child’s hearing aids are in from the manufacturer and ready to be fitted, the hearing professional will take great care to program the devices according to the hearing test results. A fitting protocol will be used that has been researched to be the optimal fitting configuration for children. This means that an algorithm determines how much amplification the hearing aid will need at each frequency such that your child benefits the most out of his or her hearing devices.

Step Four: Follow-up Care

A child being fitted with hearing devices is not a one-time visit. It is important that the parent monitors the child’s development and hearing abilities as the child grows up. Ask teachers for their input and whether they are noticing any abnormalities. Provide any feedback you have to your hearing professional so that together you can find an optimal fine-tuning for your child’s hearing aids.

During the follow-up appointments ask your hearing professional how to best take care of your child’s hearing aids to ensure they work for a long time. If you are having issues with changing batteries, removing or placing on the hearing aids, this is a good time to go over these topics.

Annual hearing tests are recommended to monitor your child’s hearing. This will allow for better fine-tuning. If a change in hearing is detected, the hearing professional will adjust the program of the devices accordingly. Earmoulds and tubes will likely needed to be regularly changed as your child grows and the shape of his or her ears change. All these topics should be discussed during your child’s follow-up appointments.

Things to keep in mind

Hearing loss does not have to impact a child’s development. A study has shown that consistent hearing aid use helps a child’s language development, while children with hearing loss and who do not wear their hearing aids are at risk in areas such as vocabulary and grammar. The take-away message here is to have your child use their hearing aids as much as possible.

Check your child’s hearing aids on a regular basis. Make sure they are working properly by doing a listening check. Make sure there is no wax blockage and that the batteries are working.

Children grow rapidly, and so do their ears. During early years you may have to bring in your child every few months for earmould replacement.

Earmould tubes get hard after one year. If this is the case, visit House of Hearing and have them replace the tube for you.

Hearing aids for children are FM compatible. When your child starts school, it is worth considering investing in an FM system. Talk to your House of Hearing professional for more information.

Recommended Hearing Aid Brands and Models

For pediatric hearing aids, House of Hearing recommends the Phonak Sky Marvel.

Phonak’s latest generation platform, the Marvel, is now available in the Sky model which is specifically designed for children of all ages.

The new Sky Marvel provides clear and rich sound, smartphone connectivity (including android and iPhone), and Roger FM connectivity.

The Sky Marvel is also available in a rechargeable option, and is child-specific designed with robust housing, water resistance and tamper proof.

Factors That Matter To You

House of Hearing advantages
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Latest hearing technology from all top manufacturers
  • Purchase from an actual clinic, not just an online store
  • Offer services in multiple languages 
  • We pride ourselves on our quality of service 
  • Custom tailored hearing solutions based on your needs
  • No pressure tactics – we want you to be comfortable with the steps you’re taking, and to only purchase when you’re ready
  • Financing as an option 
  • Loaner hearing aids while yours are being repaired
  • Quick access to your designated hearing professional
  • Consistent ongoing care and follow-up

At House of Hearing you will receive a personalized service plan that meets your specific needs

There are three different levels of hearing aids you can choose from: Premium, Advanced and Standard. All hearing aid purchases include a three year unlimited service plan, a three year warranty, loss & damage insurance and three years of remote support.

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