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We are a Toronto, Canada hearing aid shop offering services such as hearing aids, hearing test, custom earplugs, ear wax removal, and tinnitus management.

Here at the House of Hearing we see the distress and grief that can result from hearing loss. We believe the gift of hearing is priceless, and it is our earnest wish to do all in our power to protect and nurture that gift in others.

The staff at the House of Hearing share Marlee Matlin’s vision too and have dedicated their lives to helping people with hearing loss overcome their barriers and achieve their dreams.

Four pillars support this epic House of Hearing mission.

  1. Education about the dangers of hearing loss
  2. Prevention of hearing loss
  3. Improving the hearing experience for people with hearing loss
  4. Conservation of existing hearing levels


George Washington Carver said, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” Our commitment to unlocking the joy of good hearing health starts with our own expert knowledge. Research and technological advances in the study of hearing loss are taking place so rapidly, and it is critical our staff keep up to date with these ground-breaking improvements.

Our audiologists pursue a constant and rigorous professional development programme. This is a commitment that is also required by the audiology regulatory authority. This ensures that you have access to the best hearing solutions available today.

Hearing loss is rapidly becoming an enormous problem in Canada. The good news is that much of this hearing loss is preventable. Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is one of the most common causes of hearing difficulties but there is much we can do to protect our hearing.

The dangerous noise levels are frequently present in the workplace, when we use power tools, in heavy city traffic, in rock concerts, and when we listen to music through our headphones. Unfortunately, we may not even be aware of the damaging effects of this noise.

That’s why we believe in the importance of educating people about harmful noise levels and about the steps they can take to protect their hearing. That’s why we have created a helpful and informative blog where you can read all the latest research findings and discover the most advanced technological breakthroughs in hearing care.


Good hearing health starts at birth, and we offer hearing tests for children aged 5 years and above The House of Hearing team believe this is a vital part of a child’s health, and we encourage all parents to take advantage of this service. Our Auditory Brainstem Response testing facility is truly state-of the-art, and this test allows our audiologists to check young children for any sign of hearing abnormality.

The House of Hearing’s proactive care allows early intervention if any problem appears and provides a valuable benchmark that can be used to monitor your child’s ongoing hearing health.

No matter what your age it is important to test your hearing health, and our comprehensive hearing health checks will ensure that you keep your hearing in the best possible health. Our testing service also includes pre-employment hearing tests.

Hearing protection is a vital aspect of hearing loss prevention, and we offer a wide range of ear protection including customizable ear plugs and specialist earplugs (such as for musicians, swimmers, hunters).

Remember, noise induced hearing loss is irreversible so don’t delay. Have your hearing tested and invest in proper hearing protection. Our team of audiologists and hearing instrument technicians can offer sound advice and a fitting service that is second to none.

Improving your hearing experience

Unfortunately, most people do not become aware of the damage to their hearing until further down the track. This is because hearing loss is usually a gradual process whether it’s due to noise in the workplace or is part of the normal ageing process.

But if you find you are having trouble hearing conversations, you need to keep turning the television volume up or sounds seem muffled it would be a good time to get your hearing checked out.

Today’s high tech hearing aids are a far cry from the old hearing aids of your grandparents. Modern hearing aids will provide a listening experience beyond your dreams and help you to overcome those hearing loss barriers.

Thanks to modern technology hearing aids are more compact and more reliable than ever before. Hearing aids such as the Lyric are placed deep within the ear and are invisible externally.

Modern hearing aids can come with features such as:

  • Multi-directional microphones to assist conversation in noisy environments
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Sudden noise protection
  • Improved sound localization
  • Highly customizable settings for music or the theatre
  • Improved telephone clarity including Bluetooth cell phone connectivity.

Custom fitting by our audiologists and hearing instrument specialists guarantees the right choice of hearing aid for you and a superb level of comfort and fit.

There are also many conditions that may cause temporary hearing loss such as a build-up of wax in the ears. Other hearing, balance or speech issues may be caused by a medical condition.

You need to get these checked out. Our Audiologists can remove wax, diagnose the causes of your hearing difficulties, and, if appropriate, refer you to a medical specialist such as an ENT surgeon.

Conservation of your hearing

Whatever your level of current hearing it is important to protect it. Of all the senses hearing provides the most deeply-felt connection with the world around us. It forms the backbone of our ability to learn to speak and relate to other people.

Many people take the work noise issue too lightly. Don’t make that mistake.  We urge you to look after your hearing. Visit the House of Hearing and learn how together we can protect and enhance your hearing.

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