Ear Wax Removal Toronto

We offer safe and effective methods for ear wax removal. Our staff are trained and certified in ear wax removal.

Very often we get asked if we provide ear wax removal services, and the answer is yes!

Depending on the severity of blockage we may be able to assist you with its removal. For severe cases where wax has built up over time and hardened, it is best if the person softens the ear wax with cerumol (which can be purchased in store) over a week or so before coming in for the procedure.

What are the types of ear wax removal services?

Simple ear-wax removal is when the procedure takes 15 minutes or less. The cost is $45 per ear. We will inspect your ear canals and recommend whether ear-wax removal is necessary. You will only be charged if we actually conduct the entire procedure. Approximately 80% of earwax removal cases fall in this category.

However, occasionally we see patients with significant ear wax buildup that requires multiple treatments. Procedures that last longer than 15 minutes are classified as complex and are charged at a rate of $75/ear.

What are the costs for ear wax removal?

Simple earwax removal costs $45/ear.

Complex earwax removal: costs $75/ear.

How long does it take?

A simple earwax removal treatment lasts 15 minutes.

Complex procedures can take up to 30-40 minutes. Typically involved administering Cerumol and permitting time for earwax to dissolve. Multiple flushing treatments may be required.

Are there any safety considerations?

If you have diabetes, sensitive skin in the ear canal, a current bout of infection in your ear canal or had one in the recent past we can unfortunately not perform ear wax removal.

For a better outcome, we recommend you use Cerumol / Audiologist Choice oil for a few days before the treatment. The oil is available for purchase here.

What does the procedure involve?

The first step is to inspect your ear-canals with an otoscope — some of our locations are equipped with digital otoscopes permitting you to see exactly the extent of earwax buildup. Initial viewing will determine if earwax removal is necessary or possible. In many cases small buildup is natural and is part of the body’s natural defence system — in which case we will not perform earwax removal.

If earwax buildup is significant and deemed required, we may start by using an oil to dissolve hardened earwax. 

Removal is then typically performed using a gentle irrigation method. We may also use special grasping tools such as alligator forceps to grab and pull out portions of earwax. The specific method is case dependent.

Who performs the ear wax removal procedure and what are their professionals qualifications?

Earwax removal is performed by our professionally trained and certified Audiologists or Hearing Instrument Specialists. All clinicians that perform this procedure have undergone training and are certified. Certification & training is provided by Phonak, AHIP, or other reputable organizations.

Will I notice a difference in my hearing after earwax removal?

If your ear-canals were blocked due to excessive buildup of wax you will likely notice an immediate and significant improvement in your hearing. For severe cases you may also feel a relieved sensation after pressure from the buildup has been cleared.

Have Questions?

Call our office if you have any questions about our services. We are here to answer any questions you may have.