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We offer safe and effective methods for ear wax removal. Our staff is trained and certified in ear wax removal.

Are you noticing that your hearing aids are not working as well lately or having trouble hearing? Earwax blockage, also known as cerumen impaction, can prevent your hearing aid from working most effectively. And while the ear is self-cleaning, some individuals are more susceptible to excess wax and require professional ear cleaning or ear wax removal to prevent earwax blockages.

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Removing earwax properly is best left to the hands of skilled professionals. Our team can assist with removing wax from the ear much more effectively than home remedies, such as cotton swabs that can actually worsen earwax build up. In addition to our hearing aid expertise, we can offer assistance with the best earwax removal methods for your specific needs as well as care, cleaning, and maintenance of your hearing devices.    

Removing unwanted wax build up with ear cleaning in Toronto

Too much wax buildup can require some additional steps to make the process easier and more comfortable. For severe cases of hardened wax inside the ear canal, the procedure will be much easier and more comfortable if ear drops, such as mineral oil, are applied to the outer ear canal to soften the wax.

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A few drops can make a big difference. The mineral oil is available for purchase in our clinics. To best assist you, please book an appointment at your nearest clinic for professional ear cleaning in Toronto, Ontario.

Ear Wax Removal Toronto
Ear Wax Removal FAQs

A proper exam of your ear is needed to determine the source of your hearing difficulty. Wax build-up can cause muffled hearing, but sometimes people attribute hearing loss to earwax build-up. Hearing loss can also create plugged or muffled hearing. Have you had a hearing test recently? In addition to examining your ear for earwax, we can also provide a comprehensive hearing evaluation. If your hearing difficulty is not caused by wax, we can also provide treatment recommendations to help get you hearing better.  

It’s best not to try other common strategies for ear cleaning, such as with a cotton swab or ear candling. Ear candling, also known as ear coning, can actually cause serious damage to the ear from hot, dripping wax of the ear candles. Do your ears a favour and don’t subject them to these procedures. There are other, much more effective methods to improve blockage from wax in the ear.

The ear is naturally self-cleaning, and you can assist in its natural process when showering by allowing a bit of warm water in your ear with your head slightly to the side to gently flush any build-up. However, despite your best efforts, certain ear canal geometry will require assistance in keeping the ears free and clear. 

Simple ear-wax removal is when the procedure takes 15 minutes or less. The cost is $45 per ear. We will inspect your ear canals and recommend whether ear wax removal is necessary. In the case that you do not have earwax, a consultation fee of $20 will be chargeable.

Occasionally we see patients with significant ear wax buildup that requires multiple treatments. Procedures that last longer than 15 minutes are classified as complex and are charged at a rate of $75/ear.

Simple earwax removal costs $45/ear.

Complex earwax removal: costs $75/ear.

If you are determined not to have earwax, and we perform a visual inspection of your ear canals and perform a video otoscopy, a consultation fee of $20 is applicable.

A simple earwax removal treatment lasts 15 minutes.

Complex procedures can take up to 30-40 minutes and typically involves administering Cerumol or Audiologist’s Choice followed up by gentle flushing. Multiple flushing treatments may be required.

If you have any underlying condition, such as diabetes, chronic ear infections or ruptured eardrum, or have had one in the recent past we can unfortunately not perform ear wax removal.

For a better outcome, we recommend you use Cerumol / Audiologist Choice oil for a few days before the treatment. The oil is available for purchase here. However, you should avoid using this product if you have an active ear infection, drainage from the ear, or other symptoms that may require medical attention. For help removing wax with any of these underlying pathologies, an ear, nose, and throat doctor may provide medicine or additional recommendations.

Please note that this service is not available for anybody under the age of 18yo.

The first step is to inspect your ear canals with an otoscope — some of our locations are equipped with digital otoscopes allowing you to see exactly the extent of the earwax buildup.

Initial viewing will determine if earwax removal is necessary or possible. In many cases, a small amount of wax is natural and part of the body’s defense system — in which case we will not perform earwax removal. It is not necessary to remove ear wax completely from the ear. A little bit is actually healthy for the ear to protect from germs and bacteria.

If earwax buildup is significant, we may start by using an oil to dissolve hardened earwax. This will soften the wax and make it easier and more comfortable to remove.

Removal is then typically performed using a gentle irrigation method. We may also use special grasping tools such as alligator forceps to grab and pull out portions of earwax. The specific method will vary, based on your specific situation.

Earwax removal is performed by our professionally trained and certified Hearing Instrument Specialists. All clinicians that perform this procedure have undergone training and are certified. Certification & training is provided by Phonak, AHIP, or other reputable organizations.

If your ear-canals were blocked due to excessive buildup of wax you will likely notice an immediate and significant improvement in your hearing. For severe cases you may also feel a relieved sensation after pressure from the buildup has been cleared.

What are the types of ear wax removal services?

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