Custom Swim Earplugs

If you swim a lot, the possibility of an ear infection should be taken seriously. Custom made swim earplugs will prevent water from entering your ear canals.

Our swim ear plugs are custom moulded to fit perfectly inside your ear, creating a tight seal that keeps water, bacteria and microorganisms out of your ear canal. Moulded out of silicone, custom swim ear plugs are the ideal way to protect yourself against ear infections while improving your own comfort.

Custom Swim Earplugs

Protect your ears and make swimming enjoyable again

Water in your ear canal is much more than just an annoyance. If the pool or lake you swim in contains bacteria or microorganisms, getting water caught in your ear canal could lead to a painful, dangerous infection known as otitis externa.

All of our swim ear plugs are designed and moulded to create a seal over your ear, preventing any water from entering into your ear canal. As a swimmer, you can enjoy a more comfortable time in the pool or lake, with a reduced risk of ear infection and no annoying water- in­-your­-ear moments.

Protect your ears and make swimming enjoyable again

Designed and moulded to fit perfectly inside your ears

Did you know that your ears are completely unique? Every person’s ear canals have a unique shape, which is why our swimming earplugs are custom moulded for your ears to create a tight seal that prevents any moisture from getting into your ear canal.

Since all of our swimming earplugs are custom moulded, you can choose from a wide variety of colours. Choose from pink, neon green, purple, yellow and orange, as well as a variety of more subtle colours like blue, brown, transparent and white. You can even combine a mix of colours.

Designed and moulded to fit perfectly inside your ears

Essential for children that spend time in the pool

Children can be prone to chronic ear infections, a main cause being from microorganisms found in swimming pools or lakes. 

Our custom swim earplugs can be moulded to the shape of a child’s ears and provides protection. 

These custom earplugs can also be used for children that have punctured eardrums or children with grommets in their ears.

Essential for children that spend time in the pool

Our custom swim earplugs are made out of soft silicone providing a comfortable and snug fit, while lasting many years.  These are also made to be floatable in water.

During your appointment we will take impressions of your ears, and send these off to Starkey Canada, who will then 3D Print a cast out of which your custom plugs will be made. 

The turnaround time is roughly two weeks from the date of your appointment. 

Since these are specifically made to your ears, they are not returnable. You do however have a thirty day remake policy. 

Your custom swim ear plugs come with thirty days manufacturer warranty, meaning if they break down due to a manufacturing defect, they will be replaced at no cost.

When taken good care of, custom swim earplugs can easily last 3-5 years with regular use. Children that grow quickly may need new earplugs after a year since the shape of their ears change with time. 

If for some reason the swim earplugs do not feel comfortable in your ears, you will have thirty days from the day you receive them to have the plugs remade. We will take new impressions and send them off to the manufacturer.

A set of custom swim earplugs cost $170+ HST. If you need just one piece, the cost is $85 + HST. 

If you live far from one of our clinics we can have your set of earplugs shipped to you for $10. 

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