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If you spend a lot of time in the swimming pool, there’s a real possibility of fungus and bacteria entering your ear canal, leading to a painful, itchy and potentially serious infection known as swimmer’s ear.

Untreated, swimmer’s ear can start as a mild itchiness in your ear canal before developing into a serious and painful infection. The best way to prevent against swimmer’s ear is simple: with your own set of custom swim ear plugs.

Our swim ear plugs are custom moulded to fit perfectly inside your ear, creating a tight seal that keeps water and bacteria out of your ear canal. Moulded out of silicone, custom swim ear plugs are the ideal way to protect yourself against ear infections while improving your own comfort.

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Swim Ear Plugs Hearing Aid Device
Swim Plugs Hearing Aid Device
Custom Made Swimming Ear Plugs

Protect your ears and make swimming enjoyable again

Have you ever gotten water caught in your ear after a long training session in the pool? Water in your ear canal is much more than just an annoyance. If the pool you trained in contains bacteria or fungus, getting water caught in your ear canal could lead to a painful, dangerous infection.

All of our swim ear plugs are designed and moulded to create a seal over your ear, preventing any water from entering into your ear canal. As a swimmer, you can enjoy a more comfortable time in the pool, a reduced risk of ear infection and no annoying water- in­-your­-ear moments.

Designed and moulded to fit perfectly inside your ears

Did you know that your ears are completely unique? Every person’s ear canals have a unique shape, which is why our swimming earplugs are custom moulded for your ears to create a tight seal that prevents any moisture from getting into your ear canal.

Since all of our swimming earplugs are custom moulded, you can choose from a wide variety of colours. Choose from pink, neon green, purple, yellow and orange, as well as a variety of more subtle colours like blue, brown, transparent and white. You can even combine a mix of colours.

All of our custom swim earplugs are soft and fit comfortably inside your ear. When you’re in the pool, you’ll feel a complete seal protecting your ear canal from water, all without any discomfort or irritation.

Best of all, despite creating a complete seal around your ear canal, our swim earplugs are easy to fit and remove. All of our swimming earplugs are fitted with a handle and string, making them quick and simple to remove and clean after you’re finished in the pool.

Essential for children that spend time in the pool

Do you have young children that play or train in the swimming pool? If so, it’s essential for them to wear swim ear plugs. Swimmer’s ear is a common infection in young children, whose ears are more prone to infection than those of grown adults.

Since our swim earplugs are custom moulded to any size, we can produce high quality swim ear plugs for children of all ages to prevent ear infections and make spending time in the pool a fun, safe and infection-­free experience.

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Contact us to get your custom swim ear plugs

Our experienced team of audiologists and hearing specialists can mould custom swimming ear plugs that keep you safe and comfortable in the water. We mould swim earplugs for competitive swimmers, young children and athletes of all ages.

We have offices in Toronto, Richmond Hill and Maple, making it easy for you to get your custom swim earplugs fitted no matter where you’re located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Call 416 619 0894 now to speak to our team and learn more about our custom swimming earplugs.

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