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Gives You Complete Protection from the Hidden Dangers of Noise Induced Hearing Loss… Ear Infections… and Tinnitus

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Imagine if the sound of the rain, the familiar voice of a loved one, or your favorite songs, which remind you of cherished times gone past, all slowly started fading away.

Although it can happen from a one-off, intense noise like an explosion, noise induced hearing loss is usually caused by continuous exposure to loud noises over an extended period of time.

And what’s most worrying is there are no warning signs. The hair cells in your inner ears get worn down gradually, so you don’t even realize it’s happening. It’s not until sounds start to appear muffled, understanding conversations becomes difficult, or you have to turn the volume up when watching TV or listening to music when you realize you have a problem and irreversible damage has been done.

Custom Made Earplugs
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The longer you put off getting proper protection for your hearing the more you’re at risk of permanent hearing loss and serious conditions like tinnitus. Both of which can severely lower your quality of life and emotional well-being.

Don’t leave it too late. Our custom-made earplugs provide you with complete protection from noise induced hearing loss, tinnitus, and also infections from bacteria when swimming in water.

Life is beautiful. You deserve to experience it with your hearing intact. Please continue reading to discover more about what our custom-made earplugs can do for you.

Custom Ear Plugs Musicians

Musician Earplugs - Protects Your Hearing and Makes You Perform at Your Best

If you’re a musician it’s important to protect your hearing yet still be able to perform at your best.

Our Musician Earplugs give you complete protection without affecting the quality and clarity of music… so you’ll never miss a beat.

Sleep Ear Plugs - Sleep Peacefully Without Any Interruptions

Are noisy neighbors, a snoring partner or outside traffic preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep?

Our custom-made earplugs block out all noise and are comfortable to wear. So, you can finally get a good night´s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Custom Sleep Ear Plugs
Custom Made Swimming Ear Plugs

Swimmers Ear Plug - Go Swimming Without Infection Worries

Ear protection for swimming provides a tight and custom fit so it can protect sensitive ears from irritation or infection caused by water in the ears.

It is ideal for persons of any age, from children with ear tubes, to adults who need ear protection during water activities.

Ear Protection for Hunting and High Decibel Noise - Complete Protection for Hunting and Sports

Recreational activities like shooting and hunting, auto racing and snowmobile riding expose you to harmful noises which can put your hearing at risk.

Our custom-made earplugs give you complete protection so you can safely enjoy your favorite activities.

Hunting Ear Plugs
Noise Ear Plugs

Custom Noise Braker - Protects Your Ears Without Missing Important Sounds

The Custom Noise Braker means you can protect your hearing from harmful noises while still being able to hear important sounds which may alert you to potential danger.

So, you can ride a motorbike or work with noisy machinery safely and in full control.

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