Why you need earplugs if you have a hole in your ear

Many people ask if earplugs are necessary for swimming if they have tubes or a hole in the ear drum. The reality is any hole in the ear drum can potentially allow water into the middle ear where water-borne microbes may cause infections.

If your child has had tubes (tympanostomy tubes or grommets) inserted to give relief from frequent ear infections then it makes sense to avoid any additional risk of further ear infections when swimming. This is true for anyone with a perforated eardrum.

Although research indicates that swimming without earplugs is safe in clean water the sad reality is most public swimming areas including swimming pools, rivers, lakes, and the sea contain high levels of contamination from human and animal effluent. In fact, 95% of Toronto beaches aren’t even monitored for water quality and at times can pose a significant health risk.

It might seem hard to believe that the tiny holes created for tubes pose much risk of water entry and infection but the water pressure even at two feet below the surface increases significantly and can force water into the ear. So, unless you can restrict your child to swimming on the surface and not diving there is a real risk of re-infection.

If you or your child has a hole in the eardrum or tubes inserted then it’s also a good idea to wear earplugs when showering or bathing. This is because soapy water with its lower surface tension is much more likely to gain access to the middle ear through the tube.

Yes, swimming and bathing can pose an increased risk of ear infection if you have tubes or a perforated eardrum. Yes, your hearing is very precious and easily damaged. Fortunately, yes, you can prevent water-borne ear infections easily with customised swimmer’s ear plugs.

Many of the cheap swimming earplugs do not fit well, tend to leak and often fall out. House of Hearing’s customized swimming earplugs are moulded to precisely fit each individual ear canal. They are soft, comfortable, easy to fit and remove, and they form a perfect seal against water entry.

The silicone moulded earplugs are available in a wide range of playful colours too from pink, neon green, purple, yellow and orange through to more understated colours. You can even be really playful and mix up the colours for your own fashion statement.

With House of Hearing fully personalized, customized swimming earplugs you can forget about ear infections and you can even forget you’re wearing earplugs.

It is really important to protect your hearing and the House of Hearing encourages you to take any ear infection seriously.

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