Workers Compensation

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board is cutting choices for quality care. Ontarians are sick of cuts. WSIB is hurting hard-working Ontarians when help is needed the most. It’s wrong.

Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board delivers services and benefits for injured workers. Part of that role is supporting Ontarians who have lost their hearing at work. But WSIB is slashing their support – cutting the choices available to those who need it. Right when these Ontarians need help the most, our government is abandoning them. These Ontarians, our friends and neighbours, have a right to the best care.

Tell Your MPP to #HelpOntarioHear

The only way the WSIB will change its decision is if MPPs hear our voices loud and clear. Don’t be silent. Fill out this form and tell your MPP: Ontarians deserve to hear.

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