Doll With Hearing Aids Makes Deaf Girl’s Day

At two-years-old, Abbi Keating, from New South Wales, Australia, lost her hearing. The hearing loss was sudden and unexpected.

Her family sprung into action and got her into a hearing specialist, who fitted her with hearing aids and gave Abbi cochlear implants.

These implants have been groundbreaking for dealing with hearing loss, since the device can take over the function of the eardrum.

Soon after receiving the implants, Abbi was not only able to hear, but she was also talking. Now, at age 5, Abbi is doing well. The cochlear implants are visible which means Abbi stands out in her class.

Abbi also loves dolls. In fact, she spent days drawing dolls with hearing aids and cochlear implants. She loved the idea of a doll that looked just like her.

Abbi’s mother, Amy, wanted to get Abbi a doll with hearing aids and looked online.

“I was desperate to buy Abbi a toy that had them,” she said.

When she found one, she bought it immediately. In fact, she found two and bought them both, one plastic, and one soft for Abbi to cuddle with.

Amy knew that Abbi would adore the dolls and was so excited to give them to her that she pulled out her phone knowing that Abbi’s reaction would be priceless. And she was right.

Her excitement is clear from the moment she sees the dolls.

And not only did the gift make Abbi’s day, but it also provided the family with an easy way to explain Abbi’s situation to her, using the doll, and allowed them to demonstrate how to attach and remove the cochlear implant on the doll.

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