Involve Family In Your Hearing Appointment

Dealing with hearing loss is a challenge. As with any challenge it really helps to have supportive people around you. And the earlier you get your family up to speed with how hearing loss is affecting you the easier your journey can be. That’s why it really makes sense to involve family members or a close friend in your hearing aid appointment. The invisible nature of hearing loss can add to the challenges you face. Hearing loss can also be [...]

Questions to ask your hearing professional

You’re probably reading this because you suspect you have hearing loss or your family or work colleagues been on at you to get your hearing tested. Maybe you’ve even got as far as booking a hearing test. Congratulations but now you’ll want to know what sort of questions you need to ask your hearing professional. Ignoring hearing loss can have a major negative impact on your well-being and health. You can read here about the 6 reasons why you’ll regret [...]

Accepting & Overcoming Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects Canadians of all ages and across all areas of society. Yet, despite growing awareness about the issue of hearing loss, many people still struggle to accept and overcome their hearing loss. In fact,  it takes 7 to 10 years on average before most people do something about their hearing loss. The result is that as few as 20% of people who need hearing aids actually wear them. It’s not surprising that you might be struggling to deal [...]

What is sensorial hearing loss?

Sensorial hearing loss is probably the most common and well-known form of hearing loss.  Sensorial hearing loss has been the subject of a lot of research and there is a wide range of treatment options available. Sensorial hearing loss is frequently associated with the aging process and most people will experience some sensorial hearing loss in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Sensorial hearing loss is the name given to hearing loss that occurs in the cochlea. The cochlea is a [...]

What is conductive hearing loss?

There are 4 main types of hearing loss. It’s important to distinguish between them because each type will have a different impact and will require different treatment options.  As the name suggests, conductive hearing loss indicates some sort of blockage or damage that prevents sound travelling to the inner ear.  Conductive hearing loss can affect anyone but it is not as common as certain other types of hearing loss. The good news is it’s also usually the easiest to treat. [...]

I can hear—why do I need hearing aids?

Do you often ask yourself “why do people keep telling me I need hearing aids when I can hear”? It’s highly likely you have hearing loss and you’re not alone. Hearing loss is not only a normal part of the aging process but is increasingly a problem for young people too.  But many people with mild hearing loss refuse to get hearing aids and just live with the difficulties. In fact, researchers estimate that some 86% of Americans over the [...]

Hearing loss and cognitive decline

There are very clear links between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Hearing loss also increases your likelihood of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Scientists are still not sure about how this connection works but a large number of studies support this conclusion. Cognitive decline is where a person’s memory and thinking skills deteriorate.  A certain degree of brain shrinkage appears to be a normal part of the aging process but there are a range of conditions and lifestyle choices that may [...]

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

We live in a world that is getting louder and it could be damaging your hearing. We are surrounded by noise at work, through personal entertainment devices (your own and other people’s), on the commute, at bars, restaurants and concerts. So just how loud is too loud for the health of your hearing? Research indicates that hazardous noise levels in the workplace are a problem for at least 30 million people in America each year and that 25% of those [...]

Is hearing loss hereditary?

Is hearing loss hereditary? It’s an important question to ask, especially if you have a family history of hearing loss and you have concerns about your children’s hearing health. The reality is that around four in every 1,000 babies are born with hearing loss according to the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Hereditary factors play a role in at least 60% of those cases. But not all genetic hearing loss shows up at birth. Some inherited hearing [...]

Can hearing loss be treated with surgery or medicines?

Many people hope their hearing loss can be cured through surgery or drugs. We would love to say that there is a miracle cure or a magical silver bullet for hearing loss. However, surgery or drugs are effective in only around 5% of hearing loss cases. Whether or not surgical intervention can cure your hearing loss depends on your specific type of hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss is one type that is often treatable with surgery. Conductive hearing loss [...]