Baby Gets Hearing Aid And Hears Mom Say “I Love You” For The First Time

Mommy blogger Chrisy Keane shared a video of her daughter listening to her say “I love you” for the first time. Keane’s daughter was born with bilateral congenital hearing loss..

Keane’s daughter was fit with hearing aids; while they didn’t help her hear then, they jolted her brain and auditory nerve to the vibrations until she could undergo surgery for cochlear implants.

The video has been viewed 200,000 times. We won’t spoil it for you, but the baby girl gets quite emotional hearing her mother’s voice for the first time.

Warning Signs of Hearing Loss in Infants and Toddlers

Before a newborn leaves the hospital, they should have a hearing test. While many parents believe they would be able to tell if their baby has hearing loss, it can actually be hard to tell.

Look for signs of hearing loss as soon as possible because it can affect your child’s ability to develop speech.

There is a checklist that your infant should meet at certain points of early childhood development stage. Between birth and four months, for example, your baby should respond to your voice in some way, whether by smiling or with hand gestures.

If you have concerns about your child’s hearing, make an appointment with a pediatrician as soon as possible.

Solutions To Hearing Loss in Infants and Toddlers

We live in a time where technology has made it possible to solve most types of hearing loss in infants and toddlers.

We provide hearing services for children aged 6 and above. To learn more about our services please contact us.

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