Hunters & Shooters Custom Earplugs

Our hunters earplugs are custom made to your ears and protect your ears from the sudden and harmful loud noises while shooting a rifle.

HIGH-DEFINITION SOUND ENHANCEMENT & AUTOMATIC NOISE SUPPRESSION –  SoundGear represents the latest advancements in electronic hearing protection. This unique family of 100 percent digital products enhances environmental awareness while also protecting your hearing from loud noises like gun blasts and engines.

Specifically Made for Hunting

Made by Starkey Hearing Technologies — Canada’s premier provider of hearing solutions — SoundGear instruments feature advanced digital technology capable of enhancing sound eight times over traditional hearing protection products. At the same time, it uses seamless sound activated compression to trigger instant and automatic suppression of loud impulse and continuous noises.

Multiple Uses

HUNTERS & SHOOTERS – It’s the ideal solution to protect your hearing from muzzle blasts, while helping you hear clearly to optimize communication, success and safety in the woods or on the range.

INDUSTRIAL WORKERS – SoundGear protects your hearing from the noise of power tools, engines and other industrial machines, while optimizing hearing to enable better communication, performance and safety on-site, in the shop or on the factory floor.

MILITARY PERSONNEL & POLICE OFFICERS – Law enforcement officials, tactical teams and more use SoundGear to protect their ears from muzzle blasts and explosives, while enabling digital sound enhancement to optimize awareness at all times in a simulator, on the range or live fire environment.

What are the earplugs made out of?

Our custom earplugs are made out of soft silicone providing a comfortable and snug fit, while lasting many years.  These are also made to be floatable in water.

What’s the procedure?

During your appointment we will take impressions of your ears, and send these off to Starkey Canada, who will then 3D Print a cast out of which your custom plugs will be made. 

The turnaround time is roughly two weeks from the date of your appointment. 

Are they returnable?

Since these are specifically made to your ears, they are not returnable. You do however have a thirty day remake policy. 

Is there a warranty?

Your custom ear plugs come with thirty days manufacturer warranty, meaning if they break down due to a manufacturing defect, they will be replaced at no cost.

How long do these last?

When taken good care of, custom earplugs can easily last 3-5 years with regular use. 

What if they don’t feel comfortable?

If for some reason the earplugs do not feel comfortable in your ears, you will have thirty days from the day you receive them to have the plugs remade. We will take new impressions and send them off to the manufacturer.

What’s the cost?

A set of custom SoundGear earplugs provide 27dB attenuation and cost $225+ HST. If you need just one piece, the cost is $112.50+ HST. A number of other options also exist if you are looking for a more advanced solution, prices vary. Please contact us for a more detailed list.

Can I have them shipped to me?

If you live far from one of our clinics we can have your set of earplugs shipped to you for $10. 

Get Your Own Custom-Made Hunters Earplugs Today

Getting your own custom-made Earplugs couldn’t be any easier. Simply, visit any of our Toronto Area clinics where our audiologists & Hearing Instrument Specialists will help you select the right type of Earplugs to suit your ear shape and specific needs.