Phonak ComPilot Air II

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$350.00 $245.00

  • Description


  • Top quality streaming

    Excellent stereo sound streaming from a variety of audio sources, direct to your hearing aids

  • Small and stylish

    Attaches to clothing with a small clip

  • Basic control

    Adjust volume and program settings of your Phonak hearing aids

  • Advanced control

    Works with the Phonak RemoteControl app for more advanced control

  • Easy interaction



Spoken messages for easy interaction

The small and stylish Phonak ComPilot Air offers excellent stereo sound quality while connecting Phonak hearing aids via Bluetooth to a variety of audio sources: cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, laptops and computers. Combine with Phonak TVLink to turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones, or with Phonak RemoteMic for better understanding over distance.