Phonak Charger Case - For B-R & Marvel - RIC Style

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The Phonak Charger case allows you to provide your hearings aids with 24 hours of power for just three hours of charging. This means that you will be able to charge overnight and use your hearing aids the entire day. If you do run out, then it will charge up in just 30 minutes, giving you six hours of use. It is really useful for the cases when you do not have access to electricity. You can attach the optional power pack to the charger case and it will charge it up in no time.

This charger case will give you more confidence with using your hearing aids. You will know that you can charge it up and power your hearing aids quickly and easily. You should never have a problem with running out of power, not when you have the power pack with you. The charger has a hard case that provides a lot of protection as well as a drying kit if you need it.

It is really easy to use. Before starting, you need to make sure that your hearing aids are clean and dry. You can wipe with link free cloth or use the cleaning brush if necessary first. You just need to place the hearing aids in the charger and take note of when the indicator light stops flashing and turns a solid green. This is when they will be ready to use. It is even marled left and right so that you know which hearing aid to put where.

Hearing Aids Not Included.