Oticon Telephone Adapter 2.0

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Getting started with ConnectLine and your landline phone
The ConnectLine phone adapter makes it possible to use Streamer Pro with a traditional analog landline phone. The solution supports both incoming and outgoing phone calls. During a phone call, your hearing aids are used as a headset. Streamer Pro, which you wear around your neck, is used as a microphone. Together, they enable hands-free operation.


Installing the phone adapter
To connect the ConnectLine phone adapter to a phone line and landline phone, place the phone adapter in a suitable spot near your landline phone or base station.

• Connect the phone adapter to a power outlet.

• Unplug the phone line from the landline phone (or base station) and plug it into the phone adapter “IN” connector.

• Take the phone cord that came with the phone adapter, and plug it into the phone adapter “OUT” connector and into the landline phone (or base station).

• Lift the handset from your landline phone – you should now be able to hear the dial tone from the handset speaker.

•Then pair the Streamer Pro with the phone adapter.