Cerustop Wax Filters for Phonak / Widex / Unitron

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Since the amount of earwax produced by each individual can vary dramatically, it is recommended that the wax guard be checked daily.

If the hearing aid is weak/silent or if wax is visible in the wax guard, it’s time to change the wax guard.

Removing the used wax guard

Wipe away any visible wax from the shell of your hearing instrument. The used wax guard is in the stainless steel bushing of the sound outlet.

With the gray holder perpendicular to the face of the bushing, insert the removal hook into the used wax guard so that the shaft of the holder is touching the rim of the wax guard, then slowly pull the wax guard straight out. Do not pry or twist the wax guard from the bushing.

Inserting a new wax guard

Now turn the gray holder around so that the used wax guard is away from the instrument and the new one is in position to be inserted into your hearing instrument. Gently press the new wax guard straight into the opening of the sound outlet. Do not force the wax guard into the sound outlet. The outer ring of the wax guard should sit flat on the stainless steel bushing

  • Suitable for most Widex, Phonak and Unitron hearing aids
  •  8 filters per pack