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    HF 3 Hearing Aid Wax Guard Filter

    USD $7.00

    Brand New HF3 Hearing Aid Wax Guard Filter for Left and Right Ear The HF 3 wax guards reliably prevent cerumen, dirt or moisture from penetrating the hearing system via the receiver opening. HF 3 therefore provides the best protection and ensure a long lifespan for your hearing system. Product Information: – Maintenance-free – Practical…

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  • HF4 Wax Guard Hearing Aid Wax Filter

    USD $6.00

    These come in wheels of 15 pieces of wax filters per order. These are for Siemens, Signia or Resound hearing aids. Comes with insertion/removal tool.

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  • Siemens & Signia Click Domes

    USD $8.00

    Replacement domes for Signia hearing aids with Mini Receiver 2.0.

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  • Siemens / Signia Hearing Aid mini Receiver 2.0

    Replacement receiver wires are available in Standard, Medium and Power strengths, Sizes 1-3 for both Left and Right ear fitted hearing aids.

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  • Signia Siemens MiniReceiver Wax Guard

    USD $6.00

    Signia miniReceiver wax guards are pre-mounted on a stick for easy and safe exchange. The exchange filter is compatible with S, M and P receivers of miniReceiver and miniReceiver 2.0 – and for Styletto receivers

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