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  • Oticon & Bernafon Hearing Aid Device

    Oticon & Bernafon miniFit Receivers / Speaker Wires

    USD $45.00

    Oticon miniFit Receiver for OPN, Alta, Nera and Ria RITE product. Roger Table Mic II is a wireless microphone especially designed for clients with a hearing loss who participate in various meetings. Even better sound quality and greater fitting flexibility  Oticon’s miniFit receiver and dome series deliver new acoustic performance with better sound quality, less…

  • Oticon & Bernafon RITE Hearing Aid Domes

    Oticon & Bernafon miniRITE Hearing Aid Domes

    USD $8.00

    New 10-pack of Oticon / Bernafon domes. Comes in 9 options: variations of Open/Closed/Power x  6mm/8mm/10mm. Please verify size and type before ordering.  

  • Oticon & Bernafon O-Cap Microphone Protector

    USD $10.00

    The O-Cap is a microphone cover for Oticon & Bernafon custom made hearing aids. The O-Cap prevents dirt and debris from entering the microphone.

  • Sale! Oticon & Bernafon Plus Domes Hearing Aid

    Oticon & Bernafon Plus Domes

    USD $8.00

    Replacement domes for some Oticon and Bernafon hearing aids. Not compatible with OPN & OPN S.

  • Oticon ProWax Wax Filter

    Oticon ProWax miniFit Wax Filter

    USD $5.00

    Oticon & Bernafon ProWax MiniFit Replacement Wax Guards For Some Oticon And Bernafon Hearing Aids Latest generation hearing aid wax guards for the new MiniFit Receivers. Hear more from your investment by changing the filters regularly. Oticon recommends changing these filters at least every three months Important Please do not confuse this wax filter with…

  • Oticon ProWax Hearing Aid Device

    Oticon ProWax Wax Filter

    USD $6.00

    ProWax filters for Oticon hearing aids that replace the discontinued NoWax filters. New technology in wax filters from Oticon designed to keep your Receiver in the Canal (RITE) hearing aids working well. One pack per order. 6 filters per pack. Original product from Oticon. These domes are for the Agil, AgilPro, Epoq, INO, Acto, Acto…