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  • Phonak Serenity Choice Hunting & Shooting Earplugs

    USD $49.00

    Using patented impulse filter technology, the Serenity Choice™ Hunting & Shooting protects the users ears from the peak sound pressure level of gun shots, artillery fire and explosions, reducing them to safe levels, less likely to cause long term hearing damage.

  • Phonak Serenity Choice Motorsport Earplugs

    USD $49.00

    Designed to fit into the ear and without catching the helmet liner, Serenity Choice™ Motorsport is discrete reusable, universal fit hearing protector for helmet-generated noise, reducing it to safe levels yet still allowing speech to be heard from intercom speakers.

  • Phonak Serenity Choice Music Earplugs

    USD $49.00

    Music levels at concerts generally exceed the safe limit of 85 dB, sound levels beyond this induce hearing damage whether as tinnitus, hyperacusis or long term hearing loss. Serenity Choice™ Music reduces the level of sound by 17 dB making music as loud as 102 dB safe to listen to for up to 8 hours.

  • Phonak Serenity Choice Sleep Earplugs

    USD $49.00

    A moderate snorer reaches 50-60 dB whilst severe snoring can hit 90 dB. To put that in perspective; a car horn is around 90 dB! Serenity Choice™ Sleep reduces the sound level by 24 dB, eliminating or reducing sound to a non-intrusive level.

  • Phonak Serenity Choice Work Earplugs

    USD $49.00

    Serenity Choice™ Work is reusable universal fit hearing protection designed as Personal Protection Equipment for noisy working environments such machine shops, farming, road building and construction or any situation where health and safety requires the use of hearing protection i.e. where noise levels are above the safe limit of 85 dB.

  • Starkey SoundGear Phantom

    Starkey SoundGear Phantom

    USD $1,399.00

    SoundGear Phantom by Starkey is a hearing device featuring the most advanced Noise Reduction technology to help those with normal to moderate hearing loss.