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Oticon, the world’s second largest hearing aid manufacturer, has its headquarters located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife was hearing impaired. Oticon is a subsidiary of the William-Demant Group, which also includes Bernafon and Sonic Innovations. Oticon employs more than 3,000 people worldwide.

Oticon’s moto is “People First”, and remains their promise as they innovate new products at an astonishing rate. Oticon designs and produces hearing aids for both adults and children along with bone-anchored hearing aids.

Oticon Hearing Aids


Oticon Opn is changing more people’s lives with a new world of sound, helping them open up to the world like never before. Opn is the first hearing aid proven to work in harmony with the brain to help people hear better with less effort and to remember more of what is being said.


Introducing a new, comprehensive range of hearing aids for hearing loss up to severe-to-profound. Oticon Siya is for everyone who just wants to get out there and make the most of their lives.


Oticon Alta is a premium hearing solution family. Alta is built on Oticon’s most advanced technology, and it delivers Oticon’s finest listening performance. A range of breakthrough features combine to give you enhanced sound quality and reduce the effort required to listen and understand. Alta is Oticon’s best listening experience ever.

Oticon Alta Hearing Aids


Powered by an ensemble of unique technologies never before available in this category, Nera is Oticon’s best mid-level hearing solution family yet. By blending seamlessly with the natural way our brain and ears work together, Nera gives you a clear sense of where the sounds around you are coming from. The integrated directional microphones then give you the freedom to focus on the sounds most important to you.

Oticon Nera Hearing Aids


Oticon Ria hearing aids offer excellent sound quality and preserve sounds in their natural form to make hearing both easy and realistic. Ria features a technology that synchronises the performance of the two instruments, which gives you a balanced listening experience in order to create better speech understanding.

Oticon Ria Hearing Aids


Oticon Agil allows you to make intuitive sense of your surroundings –even in situations where many sounds compete for your attention. Oticon Agil lets you do all this while demanding less of you.

Oticon Agil Hearing Aids


Oticon Acto is bursting with advanced technologies designed to help you hear clearly and respond naturally. Features that work together to make speech easier to understand; noise less difficult to deal with, and surrounding sounds simpler to identify.

Oticon Acto Hearing Aids


By capturing important sounds in your environment – and by boosting them without destroying the natural details – Oticon Chili helps you experience many of the things you’ve been missing. Noisy environments become far less confusing with Oticon Chili. In the kitchen, if someone is talking on your right side and the food blender is running on the left, Chili will automatically enhance your companion’s voice. This gives you a chance to focus clearly.

Oticon Chili Hearing Device

Streamer Pro

ConnectLine Streamer puts you in total control. Not only of program shifts and hearing aid volume, but of all sources of audio-based information, entertainment and communication. By picking up the audio signal and sending it straight into both ears, the Streamer turns a pair of hearing aids into a small wireless headset. With no detectable delays in transmission, audio signals perfectly match any visual images. This can make all the difference when watching TV or using a computer.

Oticon Streamer Pro Hearing Aids

Connectline TV Adpater 2.0

ConnectLine lets you enjoy watching TV at your preferred volume without missing out on important calls from family or friends.

With the ConnectLine TV adapter, you will be able to watch your favourite films and TV programmes with new-found ease.

Oticon Connectline Hearing Aids

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