Refer a Patient to a Hearing Specialist

Patient benefits of being referred to House of Hearing Clinic

  • Physician referrals are treated in high priority. We will do our best to see these patients in one to two business days.
  • Test results are promptly faxed to your clinic
  • We clearly describe results to patients and make sure they understand their state of hearing
  • Solutions for persons with hearing loss ranging from hearing aids to assistive listening devices are all provided at any of our locations
  • Over 9,000 happy patients served at all three locations
  • We offer trial periods where patients are able to try, exchange and return hearing aids, thus minimizing monetary risk
  • The latest in testing equipment and products to help detect and treat hearing loss and related health issues
Hearing Doctor Specialists

The House of Hearing Professionals Team

Our head clinical staff consists of two Audiologists, Zhale Moghaied and Maryam Ghaderi. Both are certified audiologists with the Canadian Collage of audiologists and speech-language pathologists. An Audiologist is trained in comprehensive hearing diagnostics and hearing evaluations to determine type and degree of hearing loss. Both of our head clinical Audiologists are concerned with the quality of care we provide and make sure all procedures and outcomes strictly follow the highest industry standards. Physicians are welcome to chat with either head staff member to learn more about the field of Audiology or our clinic.

Referring Your Patients

To refer your patients to our clinic any referral sheet will do, however our custom made referring sheet for physicans can be downloaded at the link below. All referrals are accepted. Patients can call us to book their appointment or they can visit any of our clinics. Appointment requests are also available on our website.

Hearing Professionals Team