What Our Patients Say About Us

Gurpreet Saini AvatarGurpreet Saini
I was totally satisfied with my ear wax removal appointment. This was my second time after an year and a... More Feedback - 10/20/2022 
Liset Terry AvatarLiset Terry
Kuldip was professional, courteous, very knowledgeable and honest. She was amazing and make me feel much better about my situation.... More Feedback - 10/20/2022 
Luke Santia AvatarLuke Santia
Very great experience. I was suffering with my ear being clogged up for a few days, I tried everything at... More Feedback - 10/20/2022 
Jazpher N AvatarJazpher N
I highly recommend going here! Ask for Kuldip, she is very kind and helpful. Had earwax removed for both ears.... More Feedback - 8/20/2022 
Iris Moreno AvatarIris Moreno
Ray assisted me with my hearing examination professional during/ after examination. Great services! - 8/20/2022 
Mike Rich AvatarMike Rich
Setting up an appointment was quick and easy, and appointment was performed on time and in a professional manner. Highly recommend! - 7/20/2022 
Ritch Nally AvatarRitch Nally
Fantastic experience. Great service - 7/20/2022 
harsh patel Avatarharsh patel
Excellent service. Feeling way batter now. Thanks you guys. - 6/20/2022 
Elaine Charal AvatarElaine Charal
Kuldip Grewal, the Hearing Instrument Specialist, is amazing!! I took my friend to the House of Hearing Clinic with... More Feedback - 6/20/2022 
Fatima Abukar AvatarFatima Abukar
Mind blowing experience. I went to 2365A Finch Avenue West office, and had absolutely fabulous service from both the specialist... More Feedback - 5/20/2022 
deikalien Avatardeikalien
Fast, Friendly, and Professional. Kimia was great. - 5/20/2022 
Nelson Mpondo AvatarNelson Mpondo
An amazing staff, they put a smile on ur face and make you comfortable. Was a very experience visiting the office! - 5/20/2022