Oticon Opn

Traditional hearing aid technology delivers speech understanding in noise by focusing on one speaker, while suppressing all other. With Oticon Opn, users can handle multiple speakers simultaneously – even in complex environments, so they can focus on what is important and switch attention when desired.


  • 20% reduction in listening effort*
  • 30% better speech understanding*
  • Remember 20% more of your conversations**
  • OpenSound Navigator™ expertly manages multiple speech and noise sources
  • Spatial Sound™ LX preserves the natural level differences that occur in each ear so you are better oriented to the location and direction of sounds in your environment.
  • YouMatic™ LX tailors the open sound experience to your personal listening preferences and needs.
  • Speech Guard™ LX preserves clear, transparent sound quality and speech details to improve your ability to understanding speech in noise.
  • Soft Speech Booster LX makes soft sounds audible and allows you to understand soft speech up to 20 percent better.
  • Clear Dynamics expands the input dynamic range so you enjoy better sound quality without distortion even in loud environments.
  • Wind Noise Management protects against the discomfort of wind noise.
  • Feedback shield LX constantly monitors the environment and instantly responds to suppress annoying whistling or squealing.
Oticon Opn Hearing Aids

Factors That Matter To You

  • Highly competitive prices
  • Latest hearing technology from all top manufacturers
  • Purchase from an actual clinic, not just an online store
  • Offer services in multiple languages 
  • We pride ourselves on our quality of service 
  • Custom tailored hearing solutions based on your needs
  • No pressure tactics – we want you to be comfortable with the steps you’re taking, and to only purchase when you’re ready
  • Financing as an option 
  • Loaner hearing aids while yours are being repaired
  • Quick access to your designated hearing professional
  • Consistent ongoing care and follow-up


At House of Hearing you will receive a personalized service plan that meets your specific needs

There are three different levels of hearing aids you can choose from: Premium, Advances and Standard. All hearing aid purchases include a three year unlimited service plan, a three year warranty, loss & damage insurance and three years of remote support.
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