Oticon Opn Hearing Aids Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill

Traditional hearing aid technology delivers speech understanding in noise by focusing on one speaker, while suppressing all other.

With Oticon Opn, users can handle multiple speakers simultaneously – even in complex environments, so they can focus on what is important and switch attention when desired.

  • 20% reduction in listening effort*
  • 30% better speech understanding*
  • Remember 20% more of your conversations**
  • OpenSound Navigator™ expertly manages multiple speech and noise sources
  • Spatial Sound™ LX preserves the natural level differences that occur in each ear so you are better oriented to the location and direction of sounds in your environment.
  • YouMatic™ LX tailors the open sound experience to your personal listening preferences and needs.
  • Speech Guard™ LX preserves clear, transparent sound quality and speech details to improve your ability to understanding speech in noise.
  • Soft Speech Booster LX makes soft sounds audible and allows you to understand soft speech up to 20 percent better.
  • Clear Dynamics expands the input dynamic range so you enjoy better sound quality without distortion even in loud environments.
  • Wind Noise Management protects against the discomfort of wind noise.
  • Feedback shield LX constantly monitors the environment and instantly responds to suppress annoying whistling or squealing.
*Compared to Alta2 Pro
**Individual benefit may vary based upon instrument prescription
Oticon Opn Hearing Aids