Demo the Signia Pure Charge&Go X

Fill out the form on this page to sign up for your free demo of the Signia Xperience. You will have 14 days to fully test out the hearing aids. In light of COVID-19 we also offer demo trials for clients that are unable to visit our clinics. If you are unable to visit our clinic the following applies:

Provide us with your audiogram

You must have an audiogram conducted by a licenced hearing professional. Our clinicians will determine whether the LinX Quatrro is a suitable prescription for your hearing needs.

We will customize the hearing aids to your needs

Based on your audiogram, we will have the set of hearing aids programmed to match your hearing thresholds for complete customization. 

We will ship the pre-configured set to you

Once programmed, your hearing aids will be bundled with a charger along with domes and filters. You will receive a confirmation upon shipping with a tracking number.

Call us once you receive the package

Once you receive the hearing aids we ask that you call us. We will go over the entire package with you and explain to you over the phone how to use the devices. Your brand new hearing aids allow for remote fine-tuning.