Custom Musician Ear Plugs

As a musician or a someone who enjoys music, it is important that you protect your hearing for the long-term. Custom musician ear plugs allow you to enjoy your music while blocking out loud and harmful sounds.

Whether you’re usually up on the stage performing or in the crowd listening, being exposed to loud music for extended periods of time puts your hearing at serious risk. It damages the sensitive hair cells in your inner ears making you vulnerable to hearing loss and tinnitus.

Safely Enjoy Listening to Music

Thanks to our custom-made earplugs you can safely enjoy listening to or playing your favorite music. And unlike foam ear plugs which muffle sound quality, our Musician Earplugs are specially engineered to preserve the quality and clarity of music.

This means they protect your hearing without affecting the quality and richness of the music. So, you can still fully enjoy playing or listening to music free from concerns of any hearing damage.

Benefits for Both Musicians and Music Lovers

Our custom-made earplugs are molded specifically to your ear shape. This means you get the best protection and quality of sound as well as the comfort only custom-made earplugs can give.

  • Hear clearly whether you’re playing music or listening in the crowd.
  • Perform at your best as it lowers the volume of sound without reducing the clarity or detail of the music.
  • Eliminates the risk of ringing in the ears after concerts so you can enjoy them to the full.
  • Enjoy playing at or attending concerts for the rest of your life with peace of mind knowing you’re fully protected

Makes You Perform at Your Best

Our Musician Earplugs aren’t just custom-made for your ears. We can also custom-make them to the instrument you play. So, whether you play an amplified string, an acoustic instrument or loud percussion, you can be sure you´re being fully protected while also performing at your best.


Noise Reduction

  • Recommended for string instruments, acoustic guitar and vocalist
  • Minimal attenuation
  •  10dB attenuation


Noise Reduction

  • Uniform sound reduction across all frequencies. Most versatile choice
  •  Good attenuation and clarity
  •  17dB attenuation


Noise Reduction

  • Recommended for brass, percussion and amplified instruments
  •  Best attenuation and good clarity
  •  26dB attenuation

What are the earplugs made out of?

Our custom musician ear plugs are made out of soft silicone providing a comfortable and snug fit, while lasting many years.  

What’s the procedure?

During your appointment we will take impressions of your ears, and send these off to Starkey Canada, who will then 3D Print a cast out of which your custom plugs will be made. 

The turnaround time is roughly two weeks from the date of your appointment. 

Are they returnable?

Since these are specifically made to your ears, they are not returnable. You do however have a thirty day remake policy. 

Is there a warranty?

Your custom musician ear plugs come with thirty days manufacturer warranty, meaning if they break down due to a manufacturing defect, they will be replaced at no cost.

What are the earplugs made out of?How much noise do they block out?

The custom musician ear plugs come with a slot for a sound filter. There are three filter options and they are interchangeable at any time:

  1. 10 dB NRR
  2. 17 dB NRR
  3. 26 dB Nrr

What if they don’t feel comfortable?

If for some reason the custom musician ear plugs do not feel comfortable in your ears, you will have thirty days from the day you receive them to have the plugs remade. We will take new impressions and send them off to the manufacturer.

What’s the cost?

A set of custom musician ear plugs cost $290+ HST. If you need just one piece, the cost is $145 + HST. 

Can I have them shipped to me?

If you live far from one of our clinics we can have your set of earplugs shipped to you for $10. 

Musician Earplug Styles

Musician Plug options available upon request: style (canal, ½ shell, or shell), filter position (standard, partially countersunk or fully countersunk), strings (Formaseal only), clips (Formaseal only) and colour of molds and/or filter. Note: canal style is used unless specified otherwise. The standard material is Formaseal. The standard colour for the filter is beige (clear, red, blue and brown filters are optional).


Standard Ear Plugs

Partially Countersunk

Partially Countersunk Ear Plugs

Fully Countersunk

Fully Countersunk Ear Plugs

Get Your Own Custom-Made Musician Earplugs Today

Getting your own custom-made Musician Earplugs couldn´t be any easier. Simply, visit any of our Toronto Area clinics where our audiologists & Hearing Instrument Specialists will help you select the right type of Musician Earplugs to suit your ear shape and specific needs.

This means you can get the best hearing protection and quality of sound which will allow you to perform at your best for years to come.