Wireless Hearable Personalisation

The World’s First Custom Made Wireless Hearable

The partnership between Bragi, a Munich-based startup, and Starkey Hearing Technologies has led to the release of a new updated Dash called the Dash Pro. This new model is the world’s first wireless hearable that can be custom-fit for each user, allowing for superior sound and comfort.

Joint Release Between a Hearing Aid Brand and a True Hearable

Bragi introduced itself to the public through their Kickstarter campaign for the Dash, “The World’s First Hearable.” Thanks to their relationship with Starkey, the Dash Pro is a big step forward, providing users with a unique and personalized experience. The partnership is mutually beneficial to both companies. Bragi has considerable experience with modern sensors and their applications in ear technology. Starkey, on the other hand, has a lot of expertise in audio processing and psychoacoustics.

The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey: Next Gen Ear Computers

The Dash Pro represents the next generation of true wireless devices, hearables, and headphones—all at once. These powerful ear computers feature innovative technology that combines mixed reality, cognitive learning, artificial intelligence, and service enablement in a single product, improving the user’s quality of life.

The Dash Pro features a 32-bit processor, over 150 micro-components, 27 sensors, and artificial intelligence powered by Dah Al. The sensors support Bragi’s Kinetic User Interface, which allows the user to send commands to the device by nodding their head or tapping the cheek through the virtual 4D menu. This feature reduces the number of audio commands.

Other features of The Dash Pro include:

  • Best in class Bluetooth connectivity and audio;
  • Simple one-touch setup to connect to iOS, Android, or Windows’ devices in seconds;
  • Impressive 5-hour battery life on a single charge;
  • Up to five charges on the go from the case;
  • Audio transparency for sound transmission and cancelling, depending on what you want to hear;
  • Premium sound via the Knowles Balanced Armature Speakers;
  • Knowles Versant advanced voice technology for clear hands-free communication and voice commands in adverse sound situations;
  • Advanced audio codec with reduced white noise;
  • New foam tips offering an improved seal and stronger base.

The full functionality offered by The Dash Pro is an effort by Brigi to thrash its competition, so the user won’t need any other hearing aid.

What to Expect in Future Wireless Hearable Devices

Bragi has entered into partnerships with other companies, including iTranslate, IBM, and BMW, to standout from their competition – and this device is now available at House of Hearing. Looking at the different industries these companies operate in, it is clear that wireless hearable devices will increasingly allow for interactions with more aspects of daily life.

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