What Are The Stages Of Hearing Loss?

There are not necessarily stages of hearing loss. When we talk about the stages of hearing loss, it is often in the context of the different emotional stages that people may go through when coping with this life changing experience.

Emotional Stages of Hearing Loss

When it comes to more emotional stages of hearing loss, the topic is often discussed in the content of the stages of emotions of those are who are dying as originally described by Kubler Ross.

Just as you would expect, the stages can be more pronounced in the case of sudden-onset hearing loss, as opposed to more gradual hearing loss. With that being said, people can oscillate about these stages in any sort of manner in either case.

1. Denial

People tend to deny that they are experiencing any sort of hearing loss. Many people blame their spouse when asked why they got a hearing test in the first place or they may be complete shock altogether.Nevertheless, denial is temporary and will soon be replaced by at least some level of acceptance, however small.

2. Anger

Anger. The second stage, which, again, doesn’t always follow denial, is also another stage of confronting your hearing loss. Feelings of resentment are common.

3. Bargaining

While the bargaining stage tends to apply more to those with dealing with death and dying, it can still occur in those who are experiencing hearing loss.In this case, in more private matters, a person may try to promise to be on their best behaviour in exchange for, in this case, improvements in hearing.

4. Depression

Hearing loss often results in depression. For example, difficulties with communicating can lead to withdrawal, isolation and ultimately depression.

5. Acceptance

People who have accepted their hearing loss are able to release intense feelings of anger or depression. While they may have moved in and out of acceptance for some time, the final stage ends with more permanent acceptance.

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