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Last Updated January 4, 2023

Amy Sarow

By Amy Sarow

Doctor of Audiology

MyPhonak App

Are you looking for an easy way to have more control over your hearing aids? If so, then the MyPhonak app is a great option to control your Phonak hearing aids for both Android and iPhone. This revolutionary app allows users to manage their hearing aids from their phones and track their health data in real time. Keep reading to find out how to use the MyPhonak app today.

Phonak Lumity Hearing Aid

Phonak Audeo Life Lumity

The new Phonak hearing aid, Phonak Lumity, is a fantastic hearing aid that treats your hearing loss and offers Bluetooth features you’ll love. The new MyPhonak app is designed to be your remote control to help you make the most of this excellent hearing device. While the hearing aids make automatic adjustments based on your environment, the app will be the easiest way to access these features if you prefer specific adjustments.

Downloading The App

The first step in using the MyPhonak app is downloading it onto your Smartphone. It’s available on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the corresponding app store for free. For iPhone, you’ll visit the App Store to find the iOS version of the MyPhonak app. For Android, look for the Google Play logo, and you will find it in the Google Play store for Android. Once installed, you will want to follow the steps to pair your Phonak hearing aid with the MyPhonak app. Again, this will be slightly different for iPhone and Android phones, so follow the instructions in the app.

In either case, the first step will be to put your hearing aid into pairing mode. You’ll do this by either restarting the rechargeable hearing aid by placing it in the charger for several seconds and then pulling it out or using the push button to restart it. Next, you’ll simply open and close the battery door for a hearing aid with disposable batteries. Finally, continue following the app’s instructions to finalize the pairing process. After that, you’re all set with your paired hearing aid or hearing aids.

Smartphone Compatibility & Connectivity

The Phonak app works with most modern Smartphones on iOS and Android platforms. Fortunately, most phones with Bluetooth capability are compatible. However, if you have an Android phone, you’ll want to check whether it is listed on the compatible devices, which you’ll find here. Likewise, if you’re looking to upgrade your phone, check available devices to ensure they will be compatible.

App Features

This easy-to-use app allows you to control the volume of your hearing aids, adjust other features, and give you additional helpful information. Let’s go through some of the features you’ll find with this app.

Settings Menu

In the app, you can easily slide the volume up or down to your comfort level. Additionally, if you would like to have a specific program in a particular setting, you can also select that in the app.

You’ll see the battery level of your Phonak hearing aids. In most cases, they will last you all day when fully charged. However, it is helpful to monitor if you do a lot of streaming or forget to charge them one night so that you know if you’ll need to charge them soon.

MyPhonak App
MyPhonak App
MyPhonak App
MyPhonak App

Track Your Activity Levels

Another nice feature of the Phonak app is the option to track your activity levels. In addition to supporting your hearing health needs, Phonak hearing aids are perfect for those with an active lifestyle. Previously in the Paradise rechargeable and now in the Phonak Lumity and newer generations, this fantastic feature will track your steps and keep track of your active lifestyle. The app even tracks heart rate, and the distance walked while wearing the hearing aids.

Create Hearing Goals

Your hearing aids will keep track of wearing time for hearing aid users. Your hearing care professional will make goals for you regarding how many hours each day you should wear your hearing aids. This app helps track whether you’re meeting those goals. This is particularly important when first adjusting to wearing your hearing aids.

Advanced Remote Control

Phonak hearing aids offer a tap control feature that you can use to answer phone calls, use the voice assistant, and numerous functions that you can choose from. In addition, the app has an advanced preferences section, which you can adjust based on your personal preferences.

Remote Support

MyPhonak App

Once you’ve established care with your hearing care professional, another option for follow-up appointments includes remote support. You’ll access this feature by setting up an account with the MyPhonak app and receiving instructions and additional information from your audiologist or hearing care professional. Then, you’ll schedule an appointment and connect with them through the app. This process will take some patience, as the connection will depend on the internet.

Additionally, not all appointments can be accomplished via remote care. The remote care option can be helpful for those unable to come to the clinic in between visits, for example, due to limited mobility or travel restrictions. However, if you’re experiencing feedback or have other concerns, an in-person appointment will be the best option to address your concerns.

Remote care is a nice option for flexibility of appointments and care in addition to in-person appointments.

Find Out More

The MyPhonak app gives users unprecedented control over their hearing aids while tracking important health data in real time. To find out more about this exciting technology or to see if it is compatible with your device, please visit the website at for more information or contact our House of Hearing hearing care professionals.


The MyPhonak App gives users unprecedented control over their hearing aids while tracking important health data in real time. With its easy download process and compatibility across multiple platforms, users can easily access all features of this revolutionary technology without any hassle. Whether it’s managing settings remotely or tracking health data in real time – this fantastic tool makes it easier to stay connected and informed about your hearing aid performance – so why not give it a try today?

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