Fitting hearing aids—what happens?

So, you are about to get your first hearing aid. Your hearing tests show that you will really benefit from wearing hearing aids and you’ve chosen the perfect devices for your needs with the help of your audiologist. Great but what happens when it comes time to have the hearing aids fitted? What do you need to know? Well first of all restoring good hearing takes time. It’s a process but having your hearing aids fitted by an expert [...]

Phonak hearing aids available in Canada

At House of Hearing, a local Toronto area Hearing Clinic, we are proud to offer the latest innovative Phonak hearing aid technology and advancements to our customers. House of Hearing has a Phonak hearing aid that’s just right for you. Since 1947 Phonak has been using Swiss engineering precision to help people hear clearer and more easily than ever before. Phonak hearing aids are now bringing clear sound to people with hearing loss in more than 100 countries around the [...]

What’s the best type of hearing aid?

Modern hearing aids are all about enriching your life whatever your lifestyle. There are so many types of hearing aids to choose from now but House of Hearing, located in GTA of Toronto, is not limited by brands or models. We’re here to help you find the type of hearing aid that’s perfect for you. What types of hearing aids are available? The main types are: BTE (behind the ear)—like RICs or open fit hearing aids BTEs sit behind the lobe [...]

Latest Hearing Tech

How modern technology has transformed hearing aids

Many people will remember their grandparents struggling with old-fashioned wearing aids that were enormous, constantly whistling, always running out of battery power and as a result mostly left in a drawer collecting dust. Modern technology has completely transformed hearing aids and it’s time for you to catch up with the play. Sadly, there are still many misconceptions out there about hearing aids and these myths explain why only one in 6 Canadians with hearing loss use hearing aids. Come and [...]