Effects Of Untreated Hearing Loss In Adults

Seven Effects Of Untreated Hearing Loss In Adults

Hearing loss is a common problem for adults. However, the majority of people let it go untreated, creating several problems. When hearing loss is left untreated it can lead to specific side effects. These side effects reduce your quality of life and create cognitive issues that could’ve been avoided if the hearing loss was addressed.

The following are seven side effects that occur due to untreated hearing loss:

1. Depression

When we can’t hear we tend to isolate ourselves to avoid being in social situations. Without basic human contact and everyday interactions, we can become depressed. Depression is common among adults with untreated hearing loss because the more we stay away from others, the more discouraged we become with ourselves.

2. Risk to personal safety

Untreated hearing loss is a risk to our personal safety. If we cannot hear the honking of a car horn or cries of danger, such as “watch out!”, we are putting ourselves at risk. Furthermore, we are putting others at risk because we cannot hear the world around us and are less alert.

3. Dementia

There is a link between dementia and hearing loss. The development of dementia is more common in people with moderate to severe hearing loss when it goes untreated.

4. Diminished physical health

When hearing loss is left untreated we can become fatigued and get sick. When we are overtired our immune system becomes more exposed to viruses and we can catch colds and flus easily.

5. Negative effect on your work performance

For some adults, their work suffers when hearing loss is untreated because they cannot hear instructions. Furthermore, everyday tasks that require hearing are harder to complete.

6. Cognitive impairment

Learning new tasks and skills can be impossible with untreated hearing loss. Adults who suffer from untreated hearing loss are shown to have issues with their memory and their cognitive systems.

7. Increased frustration

Many adults with untreated hearing loss become irritable and angry when they cannot hear. Simple conversations are taxing and asking people to repeat themselves becomes burdensome.

Don’t let untreated hearing loss control your health. Visit your doctor immediately if you feel like your hearing is diminished. They can recommend an otologist or clinic so that the problem can be addressed head-on. Hearing aids offer a solution to hearing loss and can help restore your confidence.

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