Is It Possible To Have Temporary Hearing Loss?

If you are experiencing hearing loss when your hearing was fine previously, it can be unsettling. The short answer to this title question, however, is that yes, temporary hearing loss is absolutely possible. There are two types of hearing loss, temporary and permanent, with temporary hearing loss being the most common.

About Temporary Hearing Loss

There are many different contributing factors to temporary hearing loss including:

Recent Exposure to Loud Noise

If you were recently exposed to a lot of loud noise, such as at work or at a concert, temporary hearing loss can result. Keep in mind that long-term exposure to loud noise can turn into permanent hearing loss, so it is important that you protect your ears. Here’s how to protect your ears while at concerts.

Buildup of Earwax

Although earwax is designed to remove itself naturally from the ear, there are times when a build-up can happen and prevent sound waves from travelling through the ear canal to the eardrum, thus causing temporary hearing loss.Signs that you have a buildup of earwax in your ear include itchiness inside the ear, an earache, tinnitus (a buzzing of the ears) and, of course, sudden hearing loss. If you have a buildup of earwax in your ear, it is important to have it professionally removed. Don’t worry; it’s quick and painless. In some cases, minor earwax buildup can be removed via eardrops from the pharmacy.

Middle Ear Infection

Another cause of temporary hearing loss is due to a middle ear infection. A middle ear infection occurs because bacteria has made its way into the area behind the eardrum. If you have had a cold lately, this is very common. This is because the middle ear has a passageway to the back of the throat; phlegm can enter the passageway and an infection then develops that causes temporary hearing loss.Essentially, the infection causes a buildup of fluid in an effort to fight off the infection, which puts pressure on the hearing structures of the ear and then leaves temporary hearing loss in its wake. Symptoms of a middle ear infection include ear pain, discharge from the ear, and a fever to name a few.

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