One in Four Americans Have Hearing Loss Due to Noise

A quarter of Americans have hearing loss due to noise. It’s shocking, but true.

What’s even more startling about this is that the study showed that three-quarters of those affected thought their hearing was fine.

While hearing loss is often blamed on aging, another survey found that 24 per cent of hearing loss is actually due to loud workplaces.

What’s important about this survey is that it found that even those who didn’t work in loud work environments were still found to have a degree of hearing loss. Even sirens, lawnmowers and concerts can cause permanent damage.

The Effects of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is undoubtedly a detriment to your quality of life. When you can’t hear what someone is saying, people tend to isolate themselves. This can lead to anxiety and depression.

That’s why it’s so important to take steps to prevent hearing loss.

Preventing Hearing Loss

Whether you are mowing the lawn, going to a concert or work in a noisy environment, it’s essential to wear custom earplugs.

Custom earplugs are designed to fit the shape of your ear to provide adequate protection.

If you are already concerned that you may have hearing loss, it’s recommended you book an hearing test with an audiologist right away.

If you are in need of a hearing aid, House of Hearing Clinic has you covered. Book your appointment here.

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