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Which Jobs Can You Do With Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss should not limit your career options. Whether you are young and looking to embark on your first work experience or seeking a change of scenery from your current employment, there are many jobs you can do with hearing loss. As with any job, training and specific education are required. Depending on the type of career you’re looking for, you may need to take on additional schooling at a university or college, or attend a trade school to receive certification. However, hearing loss should not limit you from having a fulfilling career.

Below you’ll find 10 jobs you can do with hearing loss:

  1. AccountingAs an accountant, you can perform financial audits, prepare tax documents, work on payroll and oversee the entire financial operations for one company or several.
  2. Graphic designGraphic designers create visual concepts by hand and with computer programs. As a graphic designer, you can find work at an ad agency, newspaper, magazine, website and so on.
  3. Web developmentIf you’ve ever wanted to build your own website (or build sites for other people), a career in web development will help you do just that.
  4. Performing artsIf you’re interested in pursuing a career in performing arts but don’t think you’re talented enough to be an actor, there’s also other fields within this sector that you can try. Production, costume design, directing – these are all part of performing arts sector.
  5. DraftingA career in drafting can see you designing everything from buildings to medical supplies to microchips. Drafters work closely with architects and engineers and use software to bring designs to life.
  6. ScienceThe sciences are a vast field that requires specific schooling. But, it yields incredible careers with high starting salaries. Careers in science can range from environmentalist and conservationist to biologist and chemist. You can also pursue advanced science like astronomy, geology and physics.
  7. CarpentryWith a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating handmade products, carpentry could be the career for you.
  8. Writer/proofreader/editorLike a carpenter, if you have a keen eye for detail and the ability to spot even the smallest mistake, a career in the editorial field may be for you.
  9. Medical lab technicianThis is a profession that requires accuracy to determine medical diagnosis and treatments. Medical lab technicians work closely with physicians in a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office.
  10. TeacherYou don’t have restrict your teaching career to a traditional educational institution (elementary school, high school, university), you can teach at a school for the hearing impaired and show your students that hearing loss isn’t a factor in landing a lucrative career.