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How modern technology has transformed hearing aids

Many people will remember their grandparents struggling with old-fashioned wearing aids that were enormous, constantly whistling, always running out of battery power and as a result mostly left in a drawer collecting dust. Modern technology has completely transformed hearing aids and it’s time for you to catch up with the play.

Sadly, there are still many misconceptions out there about hearing aids and these myths explain why only one in 6 Canadians with hearing loss use hearing aids. Come and explore the way modern technology has transformed hearing aids so that you can enjoy hassle-free hearing to suit your busy life.

Hearing aids—no more stigma

Modern technology has completely removed the stigma of wearing hearing aids. Digital technology and the use of innovative materials has allowed hearing manufacturers to create smaller and smaller hearing aids; read tiny, discreet, near invisible.

The Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium is one of the world’s smallest hearing aids ever. It’s custom-made to fit inside your ear and its paper-thin titanium construction means you won’t notice you’re wearing a hearing aid and nor will anyone else.

The Phonak Lyric goes even further; it’s invisible because it sits right inside your ear canal. Lyric combines Swiss precision engineering with the natural anatomy of your ear to provide a clear natural listening experience.

Other hearing aid manufacturers such as Sivantos with its tiny Signia Silk model have also helped to remove the stigma of wearing hearing aids. Many external hearing aids are not only smaller they can also be colour customised to match your skin tone.

No more annoying whistling  

Modern technology has drastically improved how well hearing aids function. Modern hearing aids are tailored to your specific hearing difficulties and they adapt automatically to your environment. You can expect no more whistling or annoying feedback.

Other technological improvements include:

  • Precision direction detection
  • Filters for removing background noise and wind
  • Tinnitus relief
  • Wireless streaming for all devices from TV to IPods and phones

Modern hearing aid sound reproduction offers crystalline digital clarity. And automatic volume control makes going from a quiet setting to a noisy one effortless—no more fumbling with awkward volume controls.

Hear, hear for real convenience

Modern hearing aids are designed for your lifestyle; you don’t have time for hassles with removing your hearing aid for cleaning and recharging batteries. In-ear hearing aids such as the Phonak Lyric can be worn 24/7 for months at a time without removing them. They stay in your ear even when you’re showering or swimming.

Modern digital hearing aids are also much more energy efficient than the old digital types. Now batteries are smaller and feature much longer charge cycles. Oticon OPN hearing aids are a great example of how modern rechargeable battery technology will power your listening all the way through the longest day on a simple overnight charge.

Modern technology also gives you complete control of all aspects of your hearing aid performance through easy-to-use Smartphone apps. The Signia easyTek™ or Widex Beyond allow you to have complete control over listening connectivity, volume and channel settings at the swipe of a finger.

Modern hearing aids and the House of Hearing—making your life sound great again.

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