How hearing aids can improve your quality of life

How hearing aids improve your quality of life

Hearing aids improve quality of life by a number of means which we will discuss here.

Hearing loss can have a serious impact on your daily life. Fortunately, wearing hearing aids can vastly improve your quality of life and make everyday interactions so much easier and more enjoyable. hearing aids can improve all aspects of your life including:

  • Communication and relationships
  • Mental and emotional well-being
  • Physical health
  • Social life
  • Earning capacity.

Let’s explore in more detail just how hearing aids can transform the quality of your life.

Research shows that hearing aids can improve:

Communication in noisy situations

Are you struggling to understand conversations at work or in a busy restaurant? Do you feel wrung out and drained at the end of social outings? Are you missing out on the shared jokes and banter?

Wearing the right hearing aids can make it easy to communicate in noisy settings and restore your pleasure in conversation. Modern hearing aids offer innovative technological advances that instantly adapt to background noise levels allowing you to focus on the important sounds. This one way hearing aids improve quality of life. 

Family relationships

Using a hearing aid can significantly improve the quality of your family communication. Hearing difficulties can frequently trigger feelings of isolation, frustration, and resentment and lead to the sufferer withdrawing and becoming more introverted.

A modern hi-tech hearing aid can restore normal family communication and engagement. Battles over the TV volume level, misunderstandings, and missing out on the shared joke will be a thing of the past when you wear a correctly fitted hearing aid.

Confidence levels and social participation

Uncertainty and unpredictability can make social outings stressful for those with hearing loss. But studies show that both young and old hearing impaired people experience much higher levels of confidence and social engagement when wearing hearing aids.

Whether, in large halls such as churches, convention centres or concert halls, at parties or in intimate settings such as telephone conversations the correct hearing aid can completely transform your social life and boost your confidence.

Financial well-being

Hearing loss can directly lead to an average drop of $30,000 in your income and increase your chances of being unemployed. Research has proven that hearing aids can almost completely overturn these statistics and improve the quality of your working life.

Brain function

There is no longer any doubt; hearing loss can make you two to five times more likely to suffer from dementia and other forms of mental decline. Hearing aids may help slow the changes in the brain and keep you mentally alert and active.

Physical health

We now know that hearing loss is linked with much higher rates of diabetes as well as being associated with heart conditions. But hearing loss also makes you four or five times more likely to take sick leave from work as well as making noisy work settings much more exhausting and stressful. Hearing loss also affects your balance making you much more prone to falls.

Modern hearing aids can help restore your sense of balance and help you get through each day without the tiredness.

Modern hearing aids have special adaptations that make telephone conversation straightforward, protect against sudden loud noises, reduce echo, enhance speech comprehension in windy conditions, and improve sound localisation abilities.

The first step to better hearing is to conduct a hearing test. Call or contact the House of Hearing today and let us show you how hearing aids can improve the quality of your life, 416 619 0894. 

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