Helpful Mobile Apps For The Hearing Impaired

Advancements in technology only continue to make the lives of the hearing impaired easier and easier.

With that in mind, here is a list of helpful mobile apps for both Android and iPhone users alike.

1. TextHear Personal Hearing Aid

One of the highest-rated Android mobile apps for the hearing impaired is TextHear Personal Hearing Aid.It is meant to help those with hearing difficulties in everyday conversations by instantly translating natural speech to text. It works in real-time and is available in a couple of different languages It’s also free.

2. HearYouNow

HearYouNow, available for iOS devices, is a free amplification tool. It is designed so people with hearing difficulties can hear in noisy environments like restaurants, birthday parties, and even watching television.All you do is connect your phone to a set of headphones.This app can also be adjusted to your personal needs.

3. Tap Tap

Tap Tap, which is available for iOS devices, is an app that will alert you when there is a sound in your environment that you may not have otherwise heard. The Android equivalent of this app is called The Deaf and Hearing Impaired.Both of these apps are not only useful for understanding—if someone is ringing your doorbell, for example—but they are also important to hear potentially life-saving sounds like the sound of a fire alarm.The Android version of the app also has speech-to-text capabilities that translate what is being said so that the hearing impaired can understand what’s being said at all times.

This app is particularly useful in places where it may be particularly difficult to hear.

4. AllDeaf

AllDeaf is a free Android app that describes itself as the world’s leading online community for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and sign language users. Essentially, it connects you to others who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or experience similar issues with hearing.Think of AllDeaf as a social networking website; you can post pictures, send private messages, and connect with people who also have hearing difficulties.This is actually a great resource for talking about additional mobile apps that have worked for other people.

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