Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids require a bit of care and maintenance in order to make sure that they’ll last. There are actually different types of hearing aids, so it’s only natural to have varying methods of hearing aid cleaning as well. If you’ve recently bought a set of in-the-ear hearing aids, then this is what you must

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How We Hear

The Ear is Made up of Three Parts The Outer Ear Is made up of skin and cartilage on the outside and the ear canal, which leads into the head. Each individual’s ear canal will vary in shape and size. The most common causes of hearing loss in the outer ear include excessive accumulation of

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Improving Your Hearing

Hearing Aid Benefits

Hearing aids can reduce communication difficulties and improve quality of life [1], yet of the estimated three million Canadian adults with a hearing problem, only one in six people who could benefit from a hearing aid currently have one [2]. This is a particularly troubling statistic when considered alongside evidence that even a mild hearing loss [3] can be

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