How to Interpret Hearing Test Results

When you complete a hearing test your audiologist will hand you the test results in the form of an audiogram. The graphs, crosses, circles and lines may look a little confusing at first but the test results are really not that daunting. And understanding your hearing test will help you make really well-informed decisions about the best treatment for your needs. What then does a hearing test measure and how do you interpret the results? Your audiologist may conduct a [...]

How to choose an audiologist

Hearing problems can be uncomfortable and even painful and scary. And the uncertainty is often the worst part. The anxiety can build when you start wondering is there a solution, is it a sign of something even more serious and so on? That’s why you need to find a qualified, highly respected audiologist you can trust. You see, that uncertainty is made worse when you’re not sure who to turn to. So we’ve created this short guide to help you [...]

Don’t want your hearing checked? 6 Reasons you’ll probably regret it

40% of Canadians between the ages of 20 and 79 have some hearing loss. And many more may not even be aware of just how serious their hearing loss is. That’s scary. For some people the thought of having a hearing test falls into the too hard, don’t want to know basket. But by not having your hearing tested you run the risk of severe damage to your long-term health and well-being. Here are five risks you face when you [...]

How Often Should You Have A Hearing Test?

While annual physicals are common for most of us, most people tend to overlook a hearing test. How often should you have a hearing test? Take a look at the answer below. How Often Should You Have a Hearing Test? Adults – If your ears seem fine, and you’re not having a hard time hearing, adults should have a hearing test roughly every 10 years, beginning at the age of 21. This is more of a baseline test or a “screening,” which your doctor [...]

Newborn Hearing Tests

How Is A Hearing Test Conducted On A New Born?

Before any newborn leaves the hospital, he or she will have an ear hearing test. This is also sometimes referred to as a hearing screening. Without such a test, it’s difficult to detect hearing loss in a newborn, even for parents. If hearing loss goes undetected, children can have trouble learning how to speak and experience difficulties with general language development. Many parents believe that they would be able to identify hearing loss in their baby; however, this is not typically [...]

How A Hearing Test Is Performed

How A Hearing Test Is Performed

An audiometric test, also known as a hearing test, is an ear exam administered by a hearing professional done to determine a person’s ability to hear by measuring how well sound reaches the brain. How do we hear? When we hear sounds they begin as vibrations in the air. These vibrations create sound waves that vibrate at a certain frequency and amplitude that affects the pitch and volume of the sound itself. When the sound waves travel into the ear, they [...]