Fitting hearing aids—what happens?

So, you are about to get your first hearing aid. Your hearing tests show that you will really benefit from wearing hearing aids and you’ve chosen the perfect devices for your needs with the help of your audiologist. Great but what happens when it comes time to have the hearing aids fitted? What do you need to know? Well first of all restoring good hearing takes time. It’s a process but having your hearing aids fitted by an expert [...]

10 Hearing Loss Myths You Should Stop Believing

You don’t need to be old to lose your hearing. Although seniors do have their unique health challenges, hearing loss can affect a person at any age. This is can be attributed to our evolving relationship with technology – especially music. Earbuds and festivals blare music that can damage your eardrum and cause hearing loss. However, there are many misconceptions about hearing loss that need to be clarified. Here are ten hearing loss myths you should stop believing if you [...]

9 Reasons Why Visiting Your Audiologist May Save Your Hearing

Many take hearing for granted and only notice its value when it’s compromised. While most make regular trips to their family doctor, ear health can easily be overlooked. It’s important to get your ears checked out to make sure everything is working as it should and to make sure you don’t neglect any underlying conditions. If you’re not convinced that you should make a trip to your audiologist, check out these nine reasons why visiting your audiologist may save [...]

The Importance Of Wearing Hearing Protection When Working With Tools

There are many different environments where the noise level can put your hearing at risk. Working with certain tools is one such example, especially if you are working with power tools every single day. The Risks If your workplace is subjected sound that is above 85 decibels, it is critical to be wearing some sort of protective hearing device, such as custom ear plugs. Those who work with tools and different machines, such as construction workers, or those who work with tools [...]

Helpful Mobile Apps For The Hearing Impaired

Advancements in technology only continue to make the lives of the hearing impaired easier and easier. With that in mind, here is a list of helpful mobile apps for both Android and iPhone users alike. TextHear Personal Hearing AidOne of the highest-rated Android mobile apps for the hearing impaired is TextHear Personal Hearing Aid.It is meant to help those with hearing difficulties in everyday conversations by instantly translating natural speech to text. It works in real-time and is available in a [...]

dangers of q tips

The Damaging Effects Of Using Q-Tips To Clean Your Ears

The majority of people buy Q-tips to clean their ears even though that was never their intended purpose. In fact, using a Q-tip to clean your ears is one of the most harmful things you can do. (Q-tips were originally made to apply various products to babies’ skin). In any case, Q-tips seem relatively innocuous on the surface, but using them to clean your ears can be very harmful. In fact, even the Q-tip brand itself advises against using their product to [...]

Winter Ear Protection Tips

4 Tips For Ear Protection During Harsh Winters

The winter season can impact your ears and your hearing in a lot of different ways. Here are four tips to protect your ears this winter. Protect Your Ears From the Cold with EarmuffsExtreme weather conditions can lead to a condition called exostosis, which results in bony growths on the bone surrounding the ear canal. The problem is that the risk of infection increases due to the fact that the ear canal becomes blocked. Those who spend a lot of time [...]

Earwax Removal

How Do You Know If You Need Earwax Removal?

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a waxy oil produced by the ear canal. It’s produced as a cleaning mechanism. Essentially, it keeps dust, foreign particles, and germs out of the ear. Earwax typically passes on its own, but sometimes it can build up inside the ears and cause a blockage. What Causes Earwax Buildup? Earwax can be caused by several different factors. Some people just produce more earwax than others; this causes it to get hard and then block the [...]

The Relationship Between Better Sleep And Hearing

The Relationship Between Better Sleep And Hearing

Sleep is something we can never seem to get enough of. When we don’t sleep we’re tired, emotionally drained and have trouble concentrating. Besides those aforementioned side-effects from lack of sleep, our hearing can also suffer. What is the relationship between better sleep and hearing? When we lose sleep, especially more than two nights worth, our blood vessels have trouble functioning as they should. Our blood vessels help with circulation and when our circulation is poor, blood flow slows down, leading [...]