How do hearing aids work?

How do hearing aids actually work? What makes them so effective at helping people with hearing loss hear more clearly and naturally? These are really important questions that most people will ask when thinking about getting their first hearing aids. Let’s explore how modern technology transforms a hearing aid into so much more than just an amplifier with a loudspeaker attached. All modern hearing aids still feature these essential components: Microphones Amplifier Computer chip Loudspeaker Battery In simple terms, the microphone picks up sounds, the [...]

Why do I need two hearing aids?

Some people look at the price of hearing aids and ask, ‘why do I need two hearing aids?’ With two hearing aids you will generally enjoy a range of benefits that include hearing quality and comfort as well as mental health. And the benefits of wearing two hearing aids usually far outweigh the cost of your investment. For some people, one hearing aid is sufficient. For example, people who have hearing loss in only one ear usually benefit from a [...]

Will hearing aids help with background noise?

Are you having problems understanding speech against background noise? It’s a common problem for most people with hearing loss. Coping with background noise has also traditionally been a real technical challenge for older style hearing aids. Fortunately, modern technology is making exciting changes to the way hearing aids adapt and respond to background noise. Older style hearing aids were sometimes ineffective because they used omni-directional microphones that amplified everything. So, if you were in a restaurant and trying to have [...]

Will hearing aids restore my hearing?

Some 10% of Canadians suffer from hearing loss. Fortunately, most of those people will gain enormous benefit from wearing hearing aids. But one question we hear frequently is ‘will hearing aids restore my hearing to normal?’   The answer is, ‘no, a hearing aid cannot restore your hearing to normal or cure your hearing loss’. But a hearing aid will go a long way to restoring normal hearing levels for many of those activities you may have been missing out [...]

Differences Between Hearing Technology Levels

Modern technology has made hearing aids more effective, smaller, and easier to use in every way. Today’s hearing aids offer features that were inconceivable only a few years ago. Now manufacturers can offer a wide range of hearing aids with different technological levels and features options to suit all budgets. With such an enormous variety of hearing aid options available choosing the right hearing aid for your needs can be challenging. The easiest way to zero in on your perfect [...]

Fitting hearing aids—what happens?

So, you are about to get your first hearing aid. Your hearing tests show that you will really benefit from wearing hearing aids and you’ve chosen the perfect devices for your needs with the help of your audiologist. Great but what happens when it comes time to have the hearing aids fitted? What do you need to know? Well first of all restoring good hearing takes time. It’s a process but having your hearing aids fitted by an expert [...]

How to choose an audiologist

Hearing problems can be uncomfortable and even painful and scary. And the uncertainty is often the worst part. The anxiety can build when you start wondering is there a solution, is it a sign of something even more serious and so on? That’s why you need to find a qualified, highly respected audiologist you can trust. You see, that uncertainty is made worse when you’re not sure who to turn to. So we’ve created this short guide to help you [...]

Phonak hearing aids available in Canada

At House of Hearing, a local Toronto area Hearing Clinic, we are proud to offer the latest innovative Phonak hearing aid technology and advancements to our customers. House of Hearing has a Phonak hearing aid that’s just right for you. Since 1947 Phonak has been using Swiss engineering precision to help people hear clearer and more easily than ever before. Phonak hearing aids are now bringing clear sound to people with hearing loss in more than 100 countries around the [...]

What’s the best type of hearing aid?

Modern hearing aids are all about enriching your life whatever your lifestyle. There are so many types of hearing aids to choose from now but House of Hearing, located in GTA of Toronto, is not limited by brands or models. We’re here to help you find the type of hearing aid that’s perfect for you. What types of hearing aids are available? The main types are: BTE (behind the ear)—like RICs or open fit hearing aids BTEs sit behind the lobe [...]

The Price of Hearing Aids in Toronto, Canada

One of the biggest myths around is that the price of hearing aids in Canada is too high. But if you are one of the 80% of Canadians with hearing loss who do not wear hearing aids then you stand to lose a lot more than the price of a hearing aid. Refusing to get hearing aids may be one of the most expensive mistakes you make. Resistance around the cost of hearing aids arises because you may not fully [...]