Can I use the same hearing aids as my friend?

You may really like the look of the hearing aids your friend or a family member is wearing. And, naturally, you may ask yourself if you could use the same brand and model hearing aid too. Maybe your friend is replacing their hearing aids and you may even be wondering if you could use the old ones. After all a hearing aid is just an amplifier isn’t it? In fact, hearing loss varies a great deal from person to person. [...]

What if my hearing aid is damaged or lost?

Modern hearing aids are complex, intricately engineered electronic devices. Rough handling can damage them and it can be easy to lose the tiny devices too. So, what can you do if your hearing aid is damaged or you lose it? According to the insurance industry, 28% of claims for damaged hearing aids occur because the devices have been dropped while another 15.4% of hearing aids claims are the result of someone stepping on the hearing aids. You might be the really [...]

Will I be that person who doesn’t wear their hearing aids?

For some people, dealing with hearing loss presents some real challenges. One of those challenges involves wearing hearing aids. Many people respond to that challenge by ignoring their need for hearing aids. So, will you be one of those people who don’t wear their hearing aids? In fact, only 20% of Canadians who need hearing aids choose to wear them. There are a number of reasons why people choose not to wear hearing devices but many of those reasons are [...]

Do hearing aids work with mobile phones and tablets?

We live in a world where making connections through mobile devices is really important and that’s especially true for hearing aid wearers. There’s lots of talk about connectivity but how do you know your hearing aids will work with your mobile phone or tablet?  Until quite recently, it was almost impossible to get hearing aids to work directly with mobile phones and tablets. This meant you had to remove your hearing aid to listen to music through an earbud or [...]

How much improvement can I expect with hearing aids?

Hearing loss is rapidly becoming epidemic and there’s a good chance it already affects you or someone you love. The good news is that hearing aids have been shown to benefit some 80% of those people with hearing loss. The question many people ask is just how much improvement can I expect with hearing aids? It’s hard to quantify exactly how much any one person will benefit from hearing aids because it depends on a number of factors including: Degree of [...]

Common challenges adjusting to hearing aids

So, you need hearing aids and you’re wondering what are the common challenges that people face adjusting to hearing aids. Adapting to hearing aids does involve a learning curve and some people may find the process more challenging than others.  Parents of very young deaf children for example may face some unique challenges helping their children adapt. Likewise, the elderly or those who have put up with their hearing loss for a long time may also face some challenges. However, the [...]

How long do hearing aids last?

Modern technology is constantly transforming hearing aids and making them better and better. But as with any electronic device that offers so many technically advanced features, users want to know just how long their hearing aids will last? The answer depends on a range of factors including how well you maintain and look after your new hearing aids, how many hours a day you use them and the make and model. The short answer is, hearing aids, in most cases, [...]

What is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery?

What is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery? Are they better than other battery types? What impact does this technology have on hearing aid development? And what does it mean for you as a hearing aid user? We explore the impact lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology is having on hearing aid development and what the advantages and disadvantages are for you. As with Smartphones, battery size, life and resilience have proven to be enormous challenges for hearing aid manufacturers and a bugbear for [...]

Do cheap hearing aids work?

The best modern hearing aids are packed with technically advanced features and innovative tools to enrich your life and daily communications. And, yes, some of the premium models can seem expensive. That’s why many people ask an obvious question. Do cheap hearing aids work? Are cheap hearing aids any good? Many people still believe the myth that hearing aids are overpriced but most reputable hearing manufacturers produce various hearing aid models with a range of prices to make them affordable. [...]

How do hearing aids work?

How do hearing aids actually work? What makes them so effective at helping people with hearing loss hear more clearly and naturally? These are really important questions that most people will ask when thinking about getting their first hearing aids. Let’s explore how modern technology transforms a hearing aid into so much more than just an amplifier with a loudspeaker attached. All modern hearing aids still feature these essential components: Microphones Amplifier Computer chip Loudspeaker Battery In simple terms, the microphone picks up sounds, the [...]