9 Reasons Why Visiting Your Audiologist May Save Your Hearing

Many take hearing for granted and only notice its value when it’s compromised. While most make regular trips to their family doctor, ear health can easily be overlooked. It’s important to get your ears checked out to make sure everything is working as it should and to make sure you don’t neglect any underlying conditions. If you’re not convinced that you should make a trip to your audiologist, check out these nine reasons why visiting your audiologist may save your hearing.

  1. They can help with hearing conditions
    Audiologists can determine whether someone has a hearing loss condition, and if they do, suggest a treatment option. If a medical examination is required they can make a recommendation to patients.
  2. They can help prevent further damage
    If you suspect a decline in your hearing, you should visit your audiologist as soon as possible. Once you begin losing your hearing, the connecting part of your brain will get weaker over time and your hearing may get worse. An audiologist will be able to diagnose your problem and let you know the best course of action so that you can prevent any further damage.
  3. They are trained and experienced
    Going to your family doctor about a hearing issue is a great first step, but they can usually only provide you with some general advice on how to protect and improve your hearing. Audiologists have experience and that have been trained to deal with ear-related issues specifically. To receive a thorough and detailed examination, your best bet is to visit an audiologist in addition to visiting your family doctor.
  4. Hearing is linked to mental well-being
    Loss of hearing or difficulty hearing can directly impact a person’s mental health. They can get frustrated with their condition to the point of isolating themselves from others, and can even fall into depression. Once a person reaches this point, the mental health conditions they develop can contribute towards furthering their hearing loss, creating a vicious cycle. When you visit your audiologist and get diagnosed sooner rather than later, you can avoid the ramifications associated with hearing loss.
  5. Hearing loss is universal
    Many believe that difficulty hearing or hearing loss is a problem that only plagues the elderly, but that’s far from true. Young people that have difficulty hearing but are in denial or just ignore their symptoms all together can be at the most risk. Hearing loss doesn’t discriminate based on age, and anyone can experience it at any age.
  6. They can design a treatment plan
    When you visit an audiologist, they will design a comprehensive treatment plan for you. They will be able to properly diagnose your problems and suggest the best course of action to help reduce the risk of further damage and improve your hearing.
  7. They can explain the impact of waiting
    When people begin to lose their hearing, some may think that it’s no big deal and that they can wait until it becomes a real problem that interferes with their everyday life. However, the longer you wait the more you open yourself up to risking further hearing loss, and irreparable damage. When you visit your audiologist regularly they can ensure you’re aware of the risks you’re taking when you choose to ignore a hearing issue.
  8. Earwax removal can damage your hearing
    Did you know that by using improper techniques to remove ear wax, you risk damaging your hearing? We all know the rule about not using q-tips to clean your ears, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it anyway. When you use improper techniques to clear your ear of wax, you can unintentionally push the wax deeper into your ear, and even damage the delicate skin on your middle ear. If you’re too rough, you can also pop your eardrum and damage your inner ear. Audiologists are trained experts and will know exactly how to safely remove excess wax to prevent hearing damage
  9. Yearly check-ups can save you in the long run
    Getting a yearly check-up will allow audiologists to detect hearing loss or damage in its early stages. The earlier they detect these issues, the easier it may be to treat, and the better chance you’ll have at protecting and maintaining your hearing.

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